What an amazing night. I was invited to the Sixteen Antlers at the Pullman hotel in Brisbane City for an evening with some drinks and food with some friends. I had such a good time. We ended up staying for over three hours. They got their first star in the book when I noticed they had my favorite wine. It is so hard to find it in bars because it´s more of a dessert wine and they normally don´t have it. But this place did, yeey. #moscatolover .They got a good amount of drinks to choose between and the people that works there are so friendly and nice! I love it when you can just stand there and talk forever with someone you don´t even know, but feels like you´ve known forever. The location was great and had a very nice view especially at night! The food too was so good. Do you see the mini burgers on the picture above, so juicy and tasty! And not to forget the fries, yum. It is a perfect portion of snacks while you´re enjoying some delicious drinks and a good company! The music there was great too 💛❤ If you are ever in Brisbane I would recommend going to this rooftop bar. You can check them out here. They are open from 2/3pm every day until late so it´s a perfect place to go after work for a catch up with friends.

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