Oh, what a beautiful day! We slept until 12 and I actually had to wake up my brother up. I think everything with this heat, the jetlag and all the new impressions just takes all the energy out of us! I mean walking 7-12 km in 34 degrees each day is no joke! I´d say I would probably loose some weight on this trip, but after everything I eat, I don’t think it will happen. I mean, weight doesn’t mean anything to me, but just funny to think about walking this much every day doesn’t matter cause I eat so much anyways.

It has been the longest day of all times, we started by having lunch( well breakfast for us) right next to the metro station! They got the best chicken tandoori here btw, oh man it is delicious! I could have the sandwich every day. We then went too Sensor Temple! Guess who was in heaven? ME! I am obsessed with Japanese/ Chinese - Asian cultures, and I was so happy to be able to see it. Later on we went to have drinks and snacks at Andaz rooftop bar, and the views wore insane! Absolutely stunning. I will make a blog post itself for just that, its to beautiful not to see if you decide to go to Tokyo!

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