How cute isn´t he? See the sticky hairs.

The elephant woman, Veronica.

I have to say these animals are amazing, and it was a nice experience, but when I realized how they got treated I know that I will never do this again, and I suggest you not too as well.

Yes, you will get great pictures and a cool/ scary experience, but it´s not worth it for the poor elephants. I felt so bad after I left, but since I have these pictures I might as well share them. I did have a great day with these animals and I did not see how they got treated, for me- they wore really nice to them, but there is obviously things they do to them when we don´t see that´s the problem.

I had a lot of fun playing with the small elephant, I got in contact with someone there and he asked if I wanted to see his farm it was inside the elephant area so I said "yes, why not." He had a cute little elephant as you can see a few pictures under I am playing with him, and as you see I got scared! Haha, it was very fun, I knew the baby elephant had fun too.

Have you been with elephants before and now understand or know how bad they got treated?

Elefanten kvinnen, Veronica.

Jeg må bare si for noen fantastiske dyr. Det var en flott opplevelse, men jeg har nå i ettertid forstått hvordan de har blitt behandlet vet jeg at jeg aldri kommer til og gjøre det igjen. Jeg anbefaler det ikke til dere andre heller pga måten de blir behandlet på.

Ja, du vil få kule og fine bilder, men det er ikke verdt det pga de stakkars elefantene og hva de får gjennomgå. Jeg var kjempe lei meg etter jeg dro for jeg forsto hvordan de hadde det, men siden jeg allerede hadde fått tatt bildene så tenkte jeg og dele de med dere.

Jeg hadde en fantastisk fin dag med disse vakre dyrene, men som sagt så er det ikke noe jeg kommer til og gjøre igjen i og med at det ikke blir behandlet så bra.

Jeg hadde det også veldig gøy med den lille elefanten. Jeg kom i kontakt med en som var der og lekte med elefantene, så spurte han om jeg ville se bondegården hans hvor han hadde en liten elefant som ble født for ett par dager siden, så jeg lekte litt med han. Kjempe søt, men for ett stikkende hud, haha- små hår som stakk ut.

Har dere noen gang vært med elefanter og nå skjønner hvor dårlig de blir behandlet?

Hugs <3

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My chill travel outfit!

How beautiful isn´t Norway? I have no words. I am so happy I joined my dad and brother on this road trip! They wore supposed to go when I left for The States, but I was able to convince them to go earlier since I haven´t been in so many years. These pictures are taken on the way to Bergen. The two last pictures are from Flåm. Unfortunately the road is blocked now for a few days because of some huge rocks sliding down from the mountains. Hopefully the other way we will drive is as beautiful as this one, cause I really wish I took more photos! I was filming a lot, so I will make a YouTube video and post it once I have the chance too. Hopefully soon! You can also ask me some questions here if you got any or want to know me better. I will definitely answer with a Q&A video.

Hvor vakkert er ikke Norge? Jeg har ikke ord. Jeg er så glad for at pappa og broren min sa ja til og dra tidligere til Bergen, for de skulle egentlig dra når jeg skulle til USA, men de dro tidligere siden jeg ikke har vært på mange år. Disse bildene er tatt på vei til Bergen. De to siste bildene er fra Flåm. Dessverre er veien nå blokkert for ett par dager på grunn av steinras. Forhåpentligvis så er den andre veien vi skal kjøre like fin slik at jeg får tatt noen fine bilder der også! Jeg tok dessverre ikke så mange bilder, men jeg filmet veldig mye, så det blir en YouTube video så fort jeg har muligheten til og legge den ut.

What are your summer plans? <3




Hello there!

Yesterday I went to Sweden to meet up with my girlfriend in Strömstad! It is such a cosy and nice place in Sweden by the water. I had not seen her in almost one year, and she´s like my sister. We do exactly the same things, think the same and even sit the same. It´s scary. It´s like looking at your self in a mirror, but in a different body.

We went out for dinner with an amazing view and had a few glass of wine and wore talking littaerly non stop for over 6 hours.

Today I have just been fixing my room and trying to pack for South of France tomorrow! I have never been. I don´t know what kind of style they have there etc so it´s always so hard to know what to pack when you go to a new place. I got my "own" style, I mean I wear what I want to no matter where I go, but I would never wear workout clothes if every person around the corner wear suits, dresses and heels- you know what I am trying to say? So let´s see.. Right after that it´s Turkey for a bit over a week, so that´s exciting too! A few places i have never been in just two weeks- I love seeing new places. I was supposed to go to Turkey earlier with my brother, but this opportunity came up so it was last chance change, lol! I don´t think he´ll mind.

What are your plans for the summer? ❤




Taj Mahal September 2015. " Fake a smile" it was way to humid and hot to take good pictures.

You see the world, try new things, meet new people, fall in love, visit amazing places, learn about other cultures – then it’s all over. People always talk about leaving, but what about coming home?

We talk about the hard parts while we’re away – finding jobs, making real friends, staying safe, learning social norms, misreading people you think you can trust – but these are all parts you get through. All of these lows are erased by the complete highs you experience. The goodbyes are difficult but you know they are coming, especially when you take the final step of purchasing your plane ticket home. All of these sad goodbyes are bolstered by the reunion with your family and friends you have pictured in your head since leaving in the first place.

Then you return home, have your reunions, spend your first two weeks meeting with family and friends, catch up, tell stories, reminisce, etc. You’re Hollywood for the first few weeks back and it’s all new and exciting. And then it all just…goes away. Everyone gets used to you being home, you’re not the new shiny object anymore and the questions start coming: So do you have a job yet? What’s your plan? Are you dating anyone? How does your 401k look for retirement? (Ok, a little dramatic on my part.)

But the sad part is once you’ve done your obligatory visits for being away for a year; you’re sitting in your childhood bedroom and realize nothing has changed. You’re glad everyone is happy and healthy and yes, people have gotten new jobs, boyfriends, engagements, etc., but part of you is screaming don’t you understand how much I have changed? And I don’t mean hair, weight, dress or anything else that has to do with appearance. I mean what’s going on inside of your head. The way your dreams have changed, they way you perceive people differently, the habits you’re happy you lost, the new things that are important to you. You want everyone to recognize this and you want to share and discuss it, but there’s no way to describe the way your spirit evolves when you leave everything you know behind and force yourself to use your brain in a real capacity, not on a written test in school. You know you’re thinking differently because you experience it every second of every day inside your head, but how do you communicate that to others?

You feel angry. You feel lost. You have moments where you feel like it wasn’t worth it because nothing has changed but then you feel like it’s the only thing you’ve done that is important because it changed everything. What is the solution to this side of traveling? It’s like learning a foreign language that no one around you speaks so there is no way to communicate to them how you really feel.

This is why once you’ve traveled for the first time all you want to do is leave again. They call it the travel bug, but really it’s the effort to return to a place where you are surrounded by people who speak the same language as you. Not English or Spanish or Mandarin or Portuguese, but that language where others know what it’s like to leave, change, grow, experience, learn, then go home again and feel more lost in your hometown then you did in the most foreign place you visited.

This is the hardest part about traveling, and it’s the very reason why we all run away again.

I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way?

- It´s not written by me. I don´know who did, but if you do let me know so I can credit the writer v😊




Keep in mind my picture is from 2014. A bit old. Hehe.

I never really cared how I looked when I was traveling. I see people wearing heels, dresses- I mean tight dresses, and jeans. They´re going to be on a plane for 16 hours. Yes, I did see that so many times when flying Dubai- L.A or L.A-Dubai. I always look at them and think; "Wow, I wish I looked that good when I am traveling". But there I am wearing my workout tights that never get used other than when I travel, an oversized sweater and a scarf. It is definitely much more comfortable, but does it look good? Not to forget, no makeup and a hair up in a ponytail. Is this a way to get upgraded? Definitely not! But you also got to look at it as it´s always various temperatures on the plane. The people looking classy with a dress and high heels and no chest coverage, don´t you think they´ll get sick? At least you´re on the plane with a scarf or at least a big sweater to cover your chest. They air is always very different and dry. Some ideas on what to wear can be a tights and a nice long sweater/ shirt with a leather jacket on. That is definitely a nice outfit, and comfortable. No matter what you wear make sure you cover up your chest so you don´t get sick. Who wants to get sick on a vacation? I have a set from Michael Kors that I love that I normally travel with. They are not on the market anymore, but Michael Kors Jetset always have new clothes and stuff for traveling. This is unfortunately the only picture I have of it as of now. It´s Michael Kors from top to toe..




I left Los Angeles in February, and I am dying to go back! It´s such an amazing place. I just went through a few pictures the other day and I can´t say anything else than that I miss this place. I will be back. Hopefully this summer. I need my bank account to allow me to go ✨L.A. I can't believe we fell in love in the city of L.A

I will also post a blog post of things to do/ see in Los Angeles.

Roadtrippin´to Santa Barbara with my babes.

A picture of me at the Ghetty Museum with the view of Los Angeles. The building is below as well.




17 MAI 1814

Me and my lovely little brother. He´s obviously not so little anymore. 10 cm taller than me and only 15 years old. (His eye is normally not like that, but the sun was bother him. Poor baby.

Hei! Vet ikke helt hvor jeg skal starte, men igår var en fantastisk dag! Været var perfekt, ikke en eneste sky på himmelen. Dagen startet med og se på barnetoget med lillebroren min osv, så fikk vi besøk av familien hvor vi hadde typisk norsk 17 mai mat og kaker og godt! Koste meg veldig. Det er så deilig og være hjemme igjen. Til dere som ikke vet, så har jeg bodd/reist i utlandet de siste nesten to årene så veldig koselig og endelig være med familie og venner! ❤


Hi! I don´t know where to start, but yesterday was amazing! The weather was perfect and the sky was as blue as the water. The day started of with watching the children walk in the morning and later on we had our family over for some typical Norwegian national day food. I had a great time. It´s so good to be back home. To those of you who don´t know me, I have been living/ traveling for the past two years so it´s great being back home with friends and family ❤

Hugs <3




Hi! My name is Veronica Windom and I was born in Norway.

By the age of 16 I decided to take a year of school. I decided to work as an au pair in a different county and the place I moved to was Dallas, Texas. That´s when my life changed. I have ever since been traveling and seen the world. I share a passion for travel and I have a weakness for exotic beaches, exploring new hidden places, food and not to forget cultures! I think it´s so interesting to see how other people live and learn about their cultures.

" You´re the happiest when you´re doing what you love the most."