Nocturnal Wonderland

Los Angeles time: 11:59 am

The past week was amazing! I have been really busy with doing a bridal photoshoot, cleaning the house, having my girlfriend over and going to Nocturnal Wonderland which is an Electronic Festival. For those of you who knows me, know that I don´t really listen to that kind of music, but it´s always fun to see new places and try new things, and believe it or not, I had a lot of fun! I got to have my festival look on as well, which I never had before. Will post it in a different blogpost! 

Today I woke up pretty early and I started cleaning the dishes( Yes, I have a dishwasher, but that was already full) it was Labor Day two days ago here in America so I had to clean up from then, wash some clothes, and apply for my exam in November. I had no idea it was the last day you could apply today, so I am so happy that I did if not I would have to wait until mid next year. 

Now I have to eat some breakfast or should I call it lunch since it 12 already? Have a great day 💛

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This looks really fun! 😊
it looks so fun 😃
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