The other day I went to Oslo with my friend, Julie! We went to this PR company called VASS. I didn't really have any big expectations other than meeting with them and seeing how it went. I ended up with the best goodiebag I have ever gotten. I am obsessed with trying new product, and now I got products for months. I can not wait to try all these goodies out! I was thinking to start with YouTube, and then I thought I could just show you guys what I got in a video instead of pictures. But I did take a few pictures while I was there that you can see above here. Isn´t it like a perfect place to work? If you got OCD don´t worry, you´ll be just fine in this place.

I got so happy walking around there, it was like heaven for me! The colors, the way everything was done, I just got happy being there. And not to talk about the girls who works there, they are so friendly, I can´t even! If everyone is as friendly as them, the world would´ve been such a great place to live in.

VASS PR is based in Scandinavia, they are an innovative agency with great ambitions. Vass Pr´s focus is on beauty and wellness brands. if you want to check them out I got the link to you right here.

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