Today I just packed for my trip to Barcelona and I am so excited, I have not been there since 2015 so it´s been a while. I am there until Sunday so I am hoping I get to both relax, do a little roadtrip to a cute city close by, do some shopping and of course, a little sightseeing!

I thought I would show you some photos with outfits I wore at the Idyll Festival! It was the first time I went there, and I had so much fun!

Top from Forever 21

Biker Shorts From Ginatricot

Jacket, sunglasses & earrings from Prettylittlething.

Cutiepie, @saraaj

Day 2.

Biker Shorts & Jacket from Ginatricot,

Sunglasses & earrings from Prettylittlething.

Babygirl, @hannemartisen

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