I feel like all everyone do in December or even starting as early as in November is talking about all the Christmas gifts they need to buy ( which means they will probably get a lot of Christmas gifts back) and all the preparations they need to do! Not to mention all the get- togethers they are going to have with their family and friends during this festive season! And honestly, I am happy for them, but I just wish people could understand and think twice before they speak sometimes. There are a lot of people who isn't as excited for Christmas as you might be. Why?! Christmas is all about happiness and laughter. A lot of people has lost their loved ones around this time of the year, or is about too, someone has no family and will spend it all alone, it is their first Christmas without both of their parents together or maybe they just don't have enough money to buy everything that is expected as a parent; Christmas food and lots of gifts for their kids, just because "everybody else" is talking about what they got the first day after the holidays at school. As a parent you don't want them to be bullied because they didn't get anything "cool". Some even go on vacation to the Caribbean islands!! Speaking of myself, I had the best family growing up; we never had any issues or problems with money, gifts or getting the family together! But after I turned 20 I have just realized that Christmas isn't the same anymore. There are less gifts, and less people meeting up at the Christmas Dinners because they all have a new family now, and need to split their time in between both families. The families are getting smaller, and the Christmas vibes are just not there anymore. At least not for me! I feel like Christmas is forced this year, and I hate the thought of it. I´d much rather it be over already..

Regardless of how I feel, I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Years 🎅✨

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