This is my first time in Italy ever, so I loved the fact that I could check that off my list. If you guys travel a lot as well I would recommend downloading the app called "been." It is amazing, and you check of the places you have been.

I thought I´d tell you a bit about my first impression of Italy- Milano.

  • Tons of people
  • I found out that I love the Italian language
  • Everyone smokes & drinks coffè.
  • They got the cutest & smallest streets
  • Everyone parks where they want too. ( The girls picked me from the airport and parked in the middle of the street next to a car that was already parked.)
  • Italians loves to talk and are very social

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AUSTRALIA. I am finally here ❤ 14hours and 30minutes later.

One of the destinations I have been longing to visit for many many years, and I can´t believe it. I am here!! You are truly beautiful.

I have not been here for that long, actually less than 24hours so may I remind you some of this might change. But I would like to start making posts about the first impressions I got of the country without being here for too long. I thought that might fun to see what kind of impressions I get once I get to a place, and see if any of you feel the same, or even if some of them change.

  • The families are very good at getting together and hang out
  • They love BBQ and hanging out with friend
  • They all surf, and they learn from a very early age. Is there actually someone that was born in Australia that never tried?
  • They all seem so happy! It´s all smile and laughter.
  • The sunsets are AMAZING! How beautiful isn´t is to see the sky reflecting the water? Truly heaven.
  • I do not think I am capable of learning this way of speaking English, or even understand. I am definitely struggling if they speak fast.
  • The food portions are the smallest I have ever seen. I ordered a salat and I have never seen a salad that small. No wonder people are tiny down under! I know I´ll probably loose some weight too.

    Have you ever been to Australia? 🌴🐬🐠🐙✨