Am I psychic?

I mean, I am starting to wonder. Have you guys ever heard of the Law Of Attraction? That is something that has been helping me a lot the past year. The last day of the safari, we had not seen any of the big animals. I asked everyone " have you heard of e Law Of Attraction?" They all said "No." I told them- I will show you how it works. We all wanted to see hippopotamus, elephants and lions because we had not seen them yet. I tell them "let's go to the closest water and we will see a hippopotamus, I feel it." We go there, and guess what happens? We don't see anything, the water is super still, but I tell them- its here, just wait for a few seconds, all of a sudden you see the head! A few minutes later he goes under the water for five seconds, and then up again- closer to us. Then he does it another time, now he is still far away from us, but if we took about 60 steps we would be right next to him. As some of you may know the hippopotamus is the most dangerous animal in the world. Despite the weight of around 1500 to 1800kg, they can run 30km/h, and swim 23 km/h. If you are ever getting chased by one, run in zigzag. Let's just say I got my first heart attack right there. We drive off, and drive around for 20 minutes without luck of seeing any animals, I tell them " I just wish we could see some elephants." We did not even drive for 1 minute before we got to elephant heaven! They wore surrounding us everywhere. Up in the hills, two young elephant boys fighting, elephants eating from the trees and just enjoying themselves. At that point they wore all pretty shocked by the fact that I was able to manifest this in such a short time. To those of you who do not know about The Secret, what I mean is that I was able to believe in it so much for us to see the hippopotamus and elephant that it actually happened!

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