Breakfast, plant-based recipes

I started my monday with a pampering morning!✨I woke up & tried not to have any demand on my morning or on my day! I just wanted to tune in & feel what I wanted to do, go with the flow!

So I went up did a little morning drink with lemon & water!🍋💧sat down & meditate! my mantra for today was to be Open!🙏🏼 Open for what ever can come up, feelings, change of plans! so I simply had to let my to do list go a bit & do what I felt like doing! & often when I have that openess & flow I get more stuff done then when I have a plan or a check list I have to do, I think its a balance between both of them. Have a plan but also be open that things can change & that its okey! we are changeble!

I did some Yoga! prepared some dinner, cleaned & water my plants🌿🌻 had a breakfast in bed! so easy & it was just how it flowed for me today! I felt so good! have a lovley day!😘🌈❤️✨🌿🦋

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Try not to be attached to your body, because really we are NOT our bodys. its only our vessel, our Avatar🦋

Ofcourse we need to take care of our avatar because we want to live in it for a while, but see it like these that our bodys are like your car, Now a car is our vessel our, spaceship in this life, a car is always changeble but we need to take care of this car because its the car that we are chosen to drive!

we want to take care of this car, nourishing it, we want it to run for along time. We dont want any problems with it on the inside our the outside, but like cars if it gets a engine funktion we can always repair it!✨🙏🏼🌿🦋we want our car to look good under our drives so its important to fuel our car with alote of good, positive, loving fuel! Nourishing it with good thoughts & healthy food! everything is connected so every aspect is equally important! Try to send & feel love to yourself & to other people, because truly we are all one✨ so you will be a shining love light in this life!❤️🌟



Breakfast, plant-based recipes

I got fall inspired🍁 & made Tumeric & pumkin oats!

Tumeric gold of nature!🌼✨ A powerfull healing herb!🌿 with alote of good nutrients like proteins, minerals & many vitamins!

Tumeric is usefull if you have alote of pain & inflammation, digestive issues & overall meabolic health! use tumeric powder or fresh tumeric in your daily meals, I use to have it in my meals or have it as a tea , just one tbl spoon Tumeric & with some black pepper!


I cup oats

2 cups almond milk

vanilla powder


pumpkin protein powder

let it boil up & stir for a couple of minutes! add some water if needed, to make it more creamy!

toppings I had Blueberries, pumkinseeds, coconutchips, hempseeds, peanutbutter & some cacao sause!✨👍🏼🙏🏼🌿❤️✨🍁🍂🌼



spiritual Guiding, Yoga

Open your eye!👁what do you see as your reality?

when you are in alignment you got the power to decide what it will be, Because you are the creator of your reality.🌈✨🦋 you are the one that are choosing your experiences & attract what you somehow send out. simply focus on what you desire & dream of, follow your call in life, your inspiration your truth.❤️it will feel easier, you will feel bliss! feel powerful & feel happiness & that can money never buy!🌟🙏🏼👽🦋



Breakfast, plant-based recipes
Just got a package that I orded from the Raw food shop! I orded some supplements I use daily!🌿

I got some Coconut chips, Chia seeds, hemp seeds & hemp protein powder! does things I eat everyday! I will have it in my breakfast bowls!😋

I also got some Maca powder that I will have in my oats or smoothies! Maca powder is a root from Peru, its benefits includes a positive effect on hormone balance, energy levels & health boost! I will take Maca powder when I’m on my period!

Spirulina I take every morning before breakfast, I will take them in pils form! I feel them to be very cleansing & detoxing for my stomach!

Tumeric I love to have it in my meals, like in my oats, veggies, rice & also I like to have a teaspoon in hot water! Tumeric is a healing herb! Powerfull anti-inflammatory, strong antioxident!🙏🏼🌻🦋

Nutritional Yeast is a good sorce to Vitamin B-12! it has a good flavour, kind of nutty & cheese tast! good alternative for vegan cheese! I will have it on my meals everyday! 🌈



spiritual Guiding, Yoga

Reconnect to nature!✨💫🌈🌟🙏🏼🌿❤️

~feel the air


~stay grounded

~be one with her




If you ever feel bad, stressed, or unbalanced try to come back to the roots of what makes you feel that way. Try to find your space & listen! be outside, connect with Mother nature!🙏🏼✨🌈🦋🌻gain new energy to find peace with inyour self! dont judge your self or your sometimes darker feelings because everything is there for a reason, is there to make you learn & to grow! just remember to always come from a place of love to other & to your self!🙏🏼❤️



Sunday feels! & its the time of the year when the winds are getting colder & I just want to be inside, put on some comfy clothes, light some candles & just be in cozy mood! by my self or with my lovely friends!✨❤️

when the weather its colder & darker I crave more warm, colorful food! I wanted to make some soup & I tried this Green vegeteble soup! which was suprisingly good!🌟like the best soup I ever tasted!🙏🏼 definitely a soup I will make often!🌈

Its important to get your greens in! you will get the nutriment you will need & feel more energized & happy! 😍









Baby spinach

Vegetable broth

2 garlics



herbs: white pepper, black pepper, ginger, chili, nutritional yeast!

I just chopped my veggies & put it in a big saucepan, add 1,5 liter of water & boil it for 20 minutes, add garlic & the vegetable broth!

put it in a blender & mix it to a paste!

Boil the soup for a couple of more minutes & add some herbs!

put som Kale in the oven & make some Kale chips, so good to put on top of the soup! add some fresh lemon & sunflowerseeds! enjoy!🌱



Lately I have truly been following my truth & inspiration!✨

My favorite couple Julia & Mika! have been skateboarding alote, so I have felt such a inspiration to hop on the board & join them!🌈 I use to skateboard a lote when I was younger & I really loved it but some how I lost it, forgot about it,. sometimes we do & sometimes we can reconnect to it! It was so fun to get inspired again & to relearn & just flow on the board! & even doe I havn’t been on the board for years the feeling was still the same as when I was younger, I didn’t think I was going to be as good as I was before, but it felt the same if not even better! whitch felt so good & fun🌟💖🦋

So dont ever think its to late to relearn something or try something new, if the inspiration is there just go with it! give yourself that chance & oppprtunity to follow your heart, passion & desire. Always!❤️



plant-based recipes

A bowl my body wants!🌿 may look pretty simple & it is! but WOW what magic mother earth creates & provides us with!✨🌎

This is very simple to make I just throw in the veggies that I had with sweet potatoes in the oven! in the bowl there is sallad, kale, cabbage & then some roasted brocoli, cauliflower, paprika &tomato! I had som paprika & curry spice on with some fresh lemon & applecidervinegar! I also hade nutritional yeast on for some good cheesy flavour!✨



spiritual Guiding

~I’m starting with the man in the mirror✨🦋

If you wanna make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself, and then make a change~Michael Jackson🌈🌟🦋🙏🏼🌻💖

Bara en fin påminelse om att vi måste älska oss själva & först se den förändring vi vill se inom oss själva innan vi kan se & villja skapa den hos andra! ✨