.Did you know that…

... tomatoes stored in the refrigerator lose in both taste and maturity. So put them in a bowl at room temperature.

... immature tomatoes ripen faster if they get together with bananas.

... 100 g of tomatoes give about 20 calories.

now you can eat two kilograms a day without having a "waist problem" In addition, they contain beta carotene as well as vitamin E and vitamin C.

... tomatoes are stuffed with antioxidant lycopene that can counter cardiovascular disease as well as some cancers. Keep in mind that the lycopene is fat-soluble so enjoy the olive oil with tomato salad. In addition, the good effect of the antioxidant increases if the tomato is heated.

... most of the tomatoes' good qualities are left even if they are served in canned form, puread, crushed - even in ketchup.

... tomato stalks and leaves can be poisonous.