You’re new to the vaping world, but you know you want to be a part of it. Your friends vape, and they all argue over which products are the best to use. When you’ve tried their products, you’ve had trouble deciding which is better. Well, here at, we know a thing or two about vaping. We also know which products we love the most, and which ones are better for specific uses. When you come to us, you’ll be coming to experts that simply love the world of vaping and want to share it with you. That’s why we encourage you to check out a Stok Vaporizer, and see what you think!

What kind of vaper would you like to be? Do you think that you’ll be couchbound, vaping at home with easy access to the kitchen, or are you the kind of person who likes to vape on the go? These are important questions to ask yourself before you purchase your first vaporizer. There’s no sense in buying a desktop vape if you’re going to want to use it when you leave the house. However, there’s every reason to look into a portable vape or a vape pen. These are perfect for someone who wants to have the option to vape whenever they’d like to, and that’s what makes the Stok Vaporizer so great!

The Stok Edition One Vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer for someone who wants to smoke on the go. It’s discreet and compact; it can easily fit into your pocket, so there’s no need to worry about a bulky device. This little fella packs an extremely powerful heating system that can produce incredibly powerful rips. Regardless of its size, it packs a punch. The two dual ceramic TI coil atomizers are great for enjoying oil concentrates. The temperature is fantastic for creating your preferred drag, and the smart battery allows you to forget that temperature; the device will remember your previous temperature! That’s the kind of technology that we could all use!

The best part about this piece? The price. It’s super cheap for what you get, and what you get is a lot! Not only does this battery allow for massive rips, the advanced atomizers can create massive clouds! For a sleek and sharp design in a small body, you’ll be surprised at all that this thing can do. The box kit comes with one mouthpiece, two dual ceramic coil atomizers, one Set It And Forget It Smart Battery, one stainless steel tool, one USB charging cable, and three silicone jars. What’s that? A lot? Yeah, we know. That’s why we have it in stock; we only want to sell the best products for our customers.

So, give yourself a treat and take a look at a Stok Vaporizer on today. While you’re at it, check out the rest of our catalog. You’ll find an extensive list of vaporizers and vaporizer products, both of which are of the highest quality. We only carry the best, premium brands, and you’ll find that anything you purchase will be a worthwhile investment. Take a look at our products today, or contact our customer service team for help! We aim to please.

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So, you want to enter the world of vaping. You’ve done your research, and you know that you’d benefit from a portable vaporizer rather than a desktop. Maybe you like to vape on the go or maybe you’ve realized that you don’t like to be couch bound, but, regardless, you know you want something that you can easily hold in your hand. You also want something that is customizable and easy to use. Well, you’re in luck. If any of these attributes sound like something you would be interested in, you should check out the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer on

First of all, why bother probing the Internet for every single option out there when Vapaura has every option you need? We have quality vaporizer supplies for incredible prices and we aren’t too shy to boast that. We’re proud of the business that we’ve built, and we’re even more proud of the happy customers that we’ve had the privilege of pleasing. There’s simply no better feeling than having a customer find what they need and enjoy their product; that’s why our customer service is top of the line and can help you find literally any vaporizer or vaporizer supplies that caters to your needs.

When it comes to the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer, well, we’re a big fan. This baby is simply gorgeous, and you can customize it to no end. There are plenty of different colors and designs to choose from, and it really is all about maximizing your options, right? The fact of the matter is, there are plenty of vaporizers to choose from on our site, but this one is something special. It’s small, sleek, and incredibly discreet for the on-the-go vaper.

What really gets us, and probably you, excited about this particular vape, is everything that comes with it. You’ll absolutely love the charge on this little guy; it comes with an 1100MAH Lithium-Ion Battery and there’s simply nothing that provides a smoother drag than a quartz rod triple coil atomizer, complimented by a quartz chamber. Of course, this is all held up by a trusty dab tool and a USB charger. What’s so special about all of this? You’re receiving it for under $70. That’s an absolute steal and exactly what you should expect from a reputable source like Vapaura. We know what our customers want: quality products at affordable prices.

So, when you decide to venture over to, don’t forget to check out our extensive catalogue. For some, you may have made up your mind on the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer, but for others, there are plenty of other vaporizer options to choose from. Whether it is a vape pen, a portable vape, or a desktop vape, we have a selection that will leave you browsing for hours! Can’t make up your mind? Having an issue with your vaporizer that you’d like to discuss? Our customer service team is simply ecstatic to be able to help, so contact them whenever you’d like! We want you to leave a satisfied customer, so stop on by and let’s see what kind of vaporizer is right for you.



​Portable vaporizers are rapidly becoming the most popular choice for vapers. With the new vape technology and the easy access to vape products and accessories, it is very easy to always be able to carry a vaporizer with you. With the convenience of portable vaporizers, it is easy to assume that everyone around you owns some type of vape product. Small, compact, and powerful, the portable vaporizer technology available now packs the same punch as almost any larger unit, all while being a convenient size that can fit in your pocket and be taken practically anywhere. With thousands of different portable vaporizer designs available, finding a cheap portable vaporizer that fits your needs and tastes can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. At Vapaura, however, we make finding the right piece as easy as can be.

Check out a few models that we have on feature:

Roil Vaporizer
The Roil Vaporizer continues the #thisthingrips history of premium products. This vape pen comes equipped with a direct quad airflow system, making it very efficient and providing a most consistent airflow. The coil-less ceramic ring atomizer creates smooth, natural tastes that rip without a burnt, charred taste. This is the perfect unit for any vaper who enjoys longer, lower temperature vape sessions that create pure tasting vapor. The variable voltage battery features three low-temperature settings, giving users the option to set the temperature to their preferred heat. With its size, the unit is discrete and perfect for on-the-go usage. The Roil Vape Kit comes equipped with a silicone jar, loading tool, charging unit, extra atomizer, extra coil-less atomizer, XXL platinum-cured storage jar, discreet pen cap, stainless steel tool, and cleaning wipes.

Atmos Kiln Vaporizer
This innovative, new wax pen/mod hybrid is one of the most inventive of its kind, providing powerful rig-like hits for pen and mod enthusiasts alike. With a pure ceramic disc atomizer, the Kiln is free of exposed wicks and wires and allows for ultra-fast heating time, all while eliminating the burned, charred taste that comes with alternative heating methods found in lesser wax pen vaporizers. With universal 510 threading, the Kiln attachment can be used with both the included battery and any other 510 threaded battery. With this powerful battery, the Kiln allows you to turn any normal 510 thread vape into a harder-hitting dab rig. The pocket-sized wax pen is extremely discreet and low-key allowing for dabbing on the go. The Atmos Kiln Vaporizer Box Kit includes a Kiln wax attachment, 950mAh Lithium-ion battery, micro USB charger, dab tool, and user manual.

Cloud V Vaporizer
This 7-time “Best Product” award winner by High Times Magazine sets the bar for premium portable vaporizers at a cheaper price. The Cloud V comes equipped with a high-quality heating coil that allows for both ultra-fast heating of the unit and lower temperatures which keeps the vapor from having that charred or burnt taste. The included Cloud Classic Battery is lightweight and rechargeable, with a built-in safety mode that allows for the user to lock/unlock the battery between uses. The Cloud comes with multiple accessories, including a “Classic” mouthpiece, Tornado atomizer, USB charger, and wall charger. The Cloud V Vaporizer is available in twelve colors and features an ultra slim design, allowing for discreet portability.

For more information regarding any of the products above, visit You’ll find these premium cheap portable vaporizers and much more available to you on our awesome webstore!



With vaping taking off rapidly in popularity, it’s totally understandable that you might want to find the best herb vaporizer for sale right away so you can get in before it gets too popular. It’s always nice to have a bit of expertise in advance so that when your friends get in on the hobby, you can help guide them to good, enjoyable options while claiming some of that sweet, sweet hipster-cred for yourself. In truth, however, choosing a vaporizer that will be best for you comes down to your personal preference, and you’ll be able to most easily purchase the best herb vaporizer for sale for your individual needs by learning the differences between each type of vaporizer. This blog will help you do just that.

1. Pen Vapes
One of the most popular types of herbal vapes are pen vapes. These sleek, portable devices are usually only a little bit bigger than a standard pen, fitting easily in a coat pocket or purse. Pen vapes are ideal for those who want to vape on the go, while camping or while visiting friends. Additionally, the ease of accessorizing pen vapes is quite nice; if you decide you want to share with a friend, you can swap out mouthpieces within seconds.

2. Modkits
Modkits are the traditional vape setup of the aficionado, allowing for incredible customization, herb capacity, and battery life. While they are less portable than a pen vape, modkits, for many people, may indeed prove to be the best herb vaporizer on sale simply because of how much you can do with them. Modkits easily fit within a backpack, large purse, or large inside jacket pocket (depending on the model,) and allow the user to choose from large temperature ranges, tank sizes, coil types, and mouthpieces.

3. Tabletop Vapes
Tabletop vapes come in a couple of different formats with the similar feature being that they’re large enough to be set on a tabletop. Generally, tabletop vapes utilize either a whip or balloon-bag in order to capture larger quantities of vapor. Tabletop vaporizers produce large quantities of vapor, allow for great customization of vaporization temperature, and can even allow for cooled vapor.

Because of the great flexibility of tabletop vapes, they are the ideal setup for group vaping or vaping at a party. The tradeoff, of course, is that they aren’t really portable in a meaningful way. While a tabletop vape could be transported with some planning and a bag or box, it wouldn’t be much more portable than bringing a game console or stereo to a party.

4. Material and “Fuel” Type
We’ve saved this section for last because there are models of vaporizer within each of the previous categories that can use every type of vapor “fuel.” The most common vape materials are dry herb, herbal wax, and herb-infused e-liquid. While not every individual model will take all types of fuel, you can certainly find pens, modkits, and tabletop vapes for any individual fuel.

In general, modkits and tabletop vapes tend to be the most flexible with vape material types, since you can usually switch out the tanks and heating elements easily; however, there are pen models that allow for using multiple types of fuel as well.

As for differences in the fuel types, E-liquid is easy to refill and very affordable, though is usually less concentrated than dry herb and wax vape fuel while wax and herb tend to be more concentrated for a slightly higher price.

If you’d like to start enjoying the awesome hobby that is vaping today, we can help. At, we aim to set you up with the best herb vaporizer on sale online because we believe you should enjoy every minute you spend vaping! Come see our special offers today!



Balloon bag vaporizers are used as an alternative to the standard inhalation method using whip-draw vapor. Balloon bag vaporizers allow you to leave the vaporizer with the balloon bag and draw in vapor as you choose. This freedom and mobility has caused a recent surge in their popularity within the vaporizer community. This article will give you the top four best balloon bag vaporizers for sale!

Best Balloon Bag Vaporizers With Advanced Technology
In fourth place comes the Volcano Digital Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. It is one of the most renowned and advanced vaporizers available on the market! It comes with a large digital LED display to make it easy to see, and an automatic shut-off feature, which makes it easy to use. Storz & Bickel make incredible products with quality German engineering, so you know that you’ll get the best balloon bag vaporizer for quality of design. Through Storz & Bickel’s well-crafted design, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer has patented technology that removes toxins and intensifies the active ingredients by approximately 75 percent.

In third place, is the Vapir Rise V2 Vaporizer by Vapir. It delivers a precise touch pad control system, and is compatible with both blends and waxy oils. It also has dual function; both whip and balloon system. And to make it even better for you, Vapir made this newest version with an updated extra quiet design. It can also be customized to the user-experience outside of just the dual function option. Users can customize the temperature of the vaporizer as well as the fan speed. You can choose between balloon or hose inhalation methods, and with the exclusive hookah adapter you can choose to serve up to four people at a time.

In second place is the Volcano Classic (with easy valve or solid valve starter set), hosts an impressive electromechanical design that is robust and durable. Made in Germany with the best materials and craftsmanship guarantees that you will have it for a long time. It comes with both the easy valve balloon and the solid valve starter set, so you can figure out which one you prefer!

#1 Balloon Bag Vaporizer For Sale
The Arizer Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer by Arizer is the top selling best balloon bag vaporizer for sale on Vapaura! It’s Arizer’s newest version and comes with a series of updates and is dual functioning of balloon or whip. You can increase your convenience and ease of use with the included remote control. It has an updated and new quieter fan, as well as an updated midnight chrome finish. It comes with a ceramic heating element and precise temperature control, so you know it will produce top quality vapor. And last but not least, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Have any questions about the best balloon bag vaporizer for sale listed in this article or any other products on our website? Contact us today and we will set you up with the best vape experience around!