I decided to start writing a daybook, which I’m going to write the most important things in this year in Canada.


Finally I’m in Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in the capital of Canada, Montreal😍. I'm so happy because I will stay here for twelve moths, and that's because my parents won 100000$💰. And it was I who said that I want to come to Canada because my uncle 👨 lives here and I love him and his family, his little son is all my life. And I’m sure that it will be a fantastic experience for my family and for me. Now it’s Christmas holiday🎅 so I’ll start the school in a week and I’m so exiting to have new friends, and learn more French because in Canada there are many cities who speak English and the other speak French. And in Montreal they speak french.


Today was the first day at the school for me and for my sister. Children in Montreal start going to school🏫l at five years old in a maternelle (kindergarten)👶🏼. Grade one to six is ecole primaire (primary school) and ecole secondaire (high school) is from grade 7 to 11. Students then move onto post-secondary college for grades 12 and 13 if they want to continue on to university. But I didn’t know that you had to pay in order to go to school 🙄 But anyway it was an amazing day. I met 7 friends, and it’s so good to have 7 friends from the first day👯. And after the school we decided to play with the snow☃️ but it was very cold, it was -6°💨. They have a delicious tradition, that they put Syrup over the ice and they eat it. I tried it and it’s so delicious😋. They told me that the Syrup is a special Canadian food🇨🇦.


I have been here for 4 months and I didn’t have any big problem without the money problem, which at the school I lost 100 CAD, and it’s about 680 SEK😶. Oh anyway I’m so happy today because😍… t’s my 16th birthday 🎉. And that’s why my favorite season is spring🌈, and today it’s 11°. It’s a pretty good weather to celebrate my birthday with my lovely friends and my family👨👩👧👧 in the restaurant🍽.


Summer is here🏖. I was so tired during the school days. I had to work hard every day to get a great rating📚. But at least the results were so good, and actually I’m proud🤗.

Summer In Canada is beautiful, every day I hang out with my friends👯. We have so much fun. The climate weather is really cold but when it is hot during summer days and it is really hot just like the chart up there. The average daily temperature ranges between 23-27°, but can reach lows of 13 and highs of 35 degrees☀️. And the most beautiful thing is every day I go the beach⛱, swim🏊🏼 and play my favourite sport volleyball beach🏐.


The autumn in Canada is amazing🍂. Today I went to a beautiful park, and the grow was red, yellow and green🍁, and then I went to the old Montreal, and I think that is more beautiful than the new Montreal and there I took a lots of pictures with my friends📸. After that my friends told me that there is a wedding💒 and they know the bride👰🏼, so we went and the wedding was in Montreal, Quebec. It was a perfect location🏞, perfect service, and perfect food🍰, and we ate Bacon, poutine and Maple, which are the most Canadian foods. This venue is a great choice because it is located close to downtown🎆. And they have a traditional Canadian weddings take place in a church, where family and friends are invited. Here comes the best man, flower girls, exchanging vows and rings, and the wedding music🎵. The ceremony is conducted by the priest. At the end of the ceremony it is traditional for the priest to ask if anyone present knows of any just cause why this man and this woman may not be legally married.


Today it was the tradition and the culture day for me. I went to many different places like: Montreal museum of fine arts, old port of Montreal. It was amazing, and maybe one day i will come again and visit these places. And there isn't so many different between American🇺🇸 and Canadian🇨🇦 dialect.


And on my way I saw many pictures for Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber. Because they are from Canada.



Christmas🎅🏼 in Canada is celebrated normally during twelve days. Between December 26 and January 6. Many Canadians open their presents on Christmas Eve🎄, just as we often do in Sweden. And they eat sweets made of local candy factories. The most common varieties are called "Barley Candy" and "Chicken Bones".