Is this time of the year, when it´s getting warmer. The sun is staying up longer and often (here in Norway) is up at 6 am! Like too early for me but anyway, can´t complain about a warm sunny morning! Love the fact that the summertimes brings people and some skin out in the open! Croptops, shorts, skirts (we all love a little denim skirt), and the lovely off shoulder tops! The list dosen´t stop there ofc!

But back to the lovely little denim skirt! There is nothing I like more than jumping into a light blue denim skirt, tuck a simple white T-shirt under it and look stunning! Maybe a messy bun and some sunglasses and be the coolest chick in town! It`s so simple but such a cute outfit, it never fails! On the other hand, you can dress it up with just a lace top, a belt or cross body bag! Nearly anything goes with this garment!

So put on your denim skirt and enjoy the sun! 

xoxo a denim skirt lover 

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