So another week in fashion history have passed and there is a lot of exciting trends and events to talk about! First off all the summer (well in Norway) is finally starting to show! Sun is out and we are combining croptops and jeans (or a denim skirt)! Sunglasses is a must, maybe the classic Céline Audrey sunglasses or the newer Shadow! Or a pair of yellow Aviators!?

And for the events, the legendary and spectacular Met Gala! We all know those over the top outfits! Dresses form heaven (or hell)! Diamonds, laces, glitter, all you cant imagine! Kim Kardashian in one end, and Katy Perry in the other!

A little bit of Kardashian and Hadid in my feed this week, and they are brightening it up!

The patent leather skirt is back, and this palm/beach view is hunting my dreams! Summer here I come!

We all want a smoothie, a Givanchy bag, a pair of Chanel slippers and Balenciaga boots!

Oh a gorgeous Hadid again!

xoxo a girl who is soon on the beach

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Is this time of the year, when it´s getting warmer. The sun is staying up longer and often (here in Norway) is up at 6 am! Like too early for me but anyway, can´t complain about a warm sunny morning! Love the fact that the summertimes brings people and some skin out in the open! Croptops, shorts, skirts (we all love a little denim skirt), and the lovely off shoulder tops! The list dosen´t stop there ofc!

But back to the lovely little denim skirt! There is nothing I like more than jumping into a light blue denim skirt, tuck a simple white T-shirt under it and look stunning! Maybe a messy bun and some sunglasses and be the coolest chick in town! It`s so simple but such a cute outfit, it never fails! On the other hand, you can dress it up with just a lace top, a belt or cross body bag! Nearly anything goes with this garment!

So put on your denim skirt and enjoy the sun! 

xoxo a denim skirt lover 



Hello everyone! Finally after a lot of speculation I have decided to start up my own blog! I’m so excited to take this step from only posting pictures to also be able to write more about what inspires me, and hopefully inspire you too in the process.

I can start off by telling you a little bit about myself. First of all I’m 20 years old, and from Norway. I love fashion (if you have noticed). Most of all I love fashion with minimalism, monochrome and aesthetic features. I also spend much of my time with friends, school and I have a love for coffee latte and everything with coffee in it. And I have to mention my love for music and I’m actually listening to music while I’m writing this. So welcome to my blog and thank you for your support!

This blogg will be a space for you to find fashion inspiration, get good look at trends and to explore the world of designers, styles and maybe some food! I can´t wait to start this adventure with you guys!

xoxo the new girl