Maximum people havea nickname for a loved one. Those nicknames signify the love and the affectionthat we've got for someone near. Commonly, things  to call your girlfriend are derived from a person’s real name,however, if it’s your female friend, you might need to go together withsomething more romantic and sensual. 

As an instance, you could name your femalefriend sunshine due to the fact she lightens up your lifestyles or names herpeach because she is pleasant. Even as deciding on the cute names to call yourfemale friend, preserve the recommendations in mind, or your gesture ofaffection could
be misinterpreted. For every of the names that we've indexed, abrief description has been brought so that you can pick out a nickname for ladyfriend according to their personality or something which you think satisfactorydescribes them.

Names to call your girlfriend:

Doll- If she is as ideal as a baby
inyour eyes.
Queen- If she is the queen of your coronary heart.
Juliet- If she is the heroine of your story.
Daisy- If she is delicate like a flower.
Happiness- If she is thecause of your happiness.
Kitten- If she is lovable as a kitten.
Boo- if you discover her attractive.
Button- If she is adorable as a button.
Angel- if you accept as true with she is yourparent angel.
Magic- If she makes your life magical.
Pink- If she is girly.
Donut- For a person who is sweet andspherical.
Cuddles- As you love to cuddle together withher.
Summer season- As she brings light andbrightness to your existence.
Bub- For someone who istoo lovely.
This one isself-explanatory.
Lover-girl – As she is the one you without a doubt love.
Wifey- someone you plan to make your destinywife.
Honey- A traditional rolls on the tongue.
Cinderella- As she is a princess to your eyes.
Hot-Stuff- If she is impossible to resist.
Quite a girl- If she is gentle and delicate.
Sunshine- If she was lighting fixtures up yourday.
Candy-Coronary heart- If she is right andsincere.
Valuable- if you bear
in mind her too treasured to lose.
Warm Mama – if you locate her curvy and sexy.
Bright eyes- If her eyes are her bestfunction.
Cookie- If she is good as a cookie.
Love- in case you sense not anything but lovewhile you see her.
My All- If she way the whole thing to you.
Successful appeal- in case you consider thatshe brings you correct luck.
Cutie-pie- if you discover her adorable andsweet.
Darling- As she is the dearest.
Dream-woman- As she is the female of yourgoals.
Lamb- If she is as lovely as a sweet littlelamb.
Cupcake- If she is sweet and yummy.
Spring- If she adds shade on your lifestyles.
Lemon- If she provides something new andexciting on your existence.
Pooh- If she is as lovable as Winnie the Pooh.
Rose- If she is as precious as a rose.
Hop- If she is amusing-loving.
If she brings you joy.
Melody- If her voice is as melodious as a melody.
Sprinkles- She is colorfulcute, amusing and happy.
Cherry- She completes your lifestyles.
Babe- If she is attractive.
Snuggly- For a person, you like to snuggle.
Pumpkin- As she is vivid and candy.
Dove- As she is fragile and pure.
Peach- in case you take into account herlovely and beautiful.
Suggestions for deciding on lovable names tocall your lady friend

make sure that your lady friend approves ofthe nickname that you preserve for her and isn't irked through it.

you could derive  
Sweet Names to call a girl from her real name, as an instance Sandra can refer to like Sandy.

ensure that you supply her a nicknameaccording to the time you've got spent together, as an example, you have toname her wife in case no longer your relationship is just months old.

Keep away from picking names from TV shows andbooks. Giving a nickname from a television display will no longer make senseunique.