My Definition Of Happiness

Happiness is broken down into two parts.
There’s pleasure and there’s joy.Pleasure is temporary, whether it’s for a minute or even for a month, but it can’t be recalled.
Once you do it, the next time you do it you have to go higher to increase that dosage in order to get that same feeling.
Pleasure peaks high, higher and higher…you hit those highs and the next time you want to feel those it’s just never going to ever be good enough.
For example, you can only get your first car once, make love for the first time…Once.
Joy works differently, it’s not as exciting.
But it can be recalled and revisited constantly, its permanent.
It’s happiness in its form of content.
If you going to live for pleasure you’re doomed by trying to feel good 100% of the time, pleasure is not sustainable.
Just like an addict chasing that unreachable high.
Pleasure is self centered, Joy is shared.