Straight out of the heart of America, Ultra Bright Lightz intends to deliver quality products to quality people. Thanks to our innovative and hard working employees, we’ve grown to quite the large-scale company, providing emergency vehicle lighting to those who need it across the country. Incepted in 2006, we’ve created an environment that other companies strive to compete with. When our founder discovered purchasing lighting with unnecessary prices, he knew he could do better. Since that fateful day, our fine customers benefit from fantastic products at incredibly low prices, and we couldn’t be happier about it. We want first responders to enjoy a safe work environment, and our lights provide exactly that.

Regardless of your type of vehicle, we’ll have something in stock that will suit your cause. Whether it is a truck or a car, we’ve got your back. So, when you need emergency lights for cars, Ultra Bright Lightz is the place to go. We’ve got a wide range of products that can fit any situation, whether you need red lights, blue lights, etc., any lights can be found in our catalog. Take a long look through our selection, and you’ll soon find that the prices are simply fantastic! It’s super frustrating to have to replace the lights on your vehicle, especially if you’re strapped for cash. Luckily, our products won’t put a dent in your wallet, and the quality is built to last. You also benefit from 30-day returns, so if anything goes wrong, you can get your money back. You’ll be on the road in no time, and those lights will make sure that everyone else on the road knows that you’re working, and to stay out of the way!

So, what is it that you’re looking for? Police light bars? Check! Mini light bars? Check! We’ve got a plethora of options to choose from, and we stand by every one of them. Is your car ready to take on the emergency service jobs that it was built to do? Safety is the number one priority of any emergency service worker. If you’re clearing up a tree on the side of the road, the scariest thing that could happen is another driver not seeing you. Well, with our lights, it’s pretty hard to avoid seeing them! They’re “ultra bright,” if you will. And because of this, we’ve created products that keep you workers safe and keep the roadwork functioning at its highest level.

Emergency lights for cars are incredibly important, as they function as the authority that everyone knows and respects. Take a moment to think about whether or not your vehicle is up to date. Are your lights functioning properly? Are they bright enough? If you buy from us, they certainly will be. If you need grill lights, we’ve got the best ones around. Check out our strobe lights, too, and you’ll find another quality product that just won’t quit. You really can’t go wrong with Ultra Bright Lightz, and that’s why we’re proud of what we do. Check out our catalog today, and see what lights could improve your work.

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​Are you in a hurry? Need to express your authority or alert those on the road that your job is important? Whether your working as a policeman or you’re towing a car from a wreckage on the highway, being noticeable and letting those around you know that you’re doing an important job is top priority. If traffic can’t see that you’re operating an emergency vehicle, traffic will certainly stay right where it is. Cars that don’t see those lights have no idea that you’re a workman trying to place in a new road sign, or worse, they don’t think to look for you on the edge of the highway. That’s how horrible accidents happen, the kind that you really don’t want to be a part of. So, what can you do to prevent all of this? Snag an emergency light bar for your vehicle.

Luckily, the fine people at Ultra Bright Lightz have the items in stock to ensure your safety, as well as everyone else’s, on the road. Whether you need brand new police lights, visor lights, or anything in between, Ultra Bright Lightz has you covered. That’s why they’re the number one name in emergency lighting, and you’ll notice that quality the moment you make a purchase. What kind of light bar do you need? How large do you need it to be? Are you on a budget? Take all of these things into consideration before browsing our site, but you’ll recognize very soon that, no matter what you need, we’ve got it in stock. What’s great about Ultra Bright Lightz is the pricing: regardless of your budget, you’re bound to find something that will accommodate your needs at a reasonable charge.

While you’re browsing our selection for an emergency light bar, take a moment to check out the rest of our extensive catalogue. You’ll find everything light related in there, and you’ll find that it’s all made from the highest quality materials possible. These are the kind of lights that just won’t quit, the kind that you can rely on for lasting durability. We’ve got a light to put on any part of your car, whether it is your license plate or your grill. With our help, your vehicle can be road ready in no time, prepped to take on any job and alert those around you that you’re on the job!

Safety is the number one priority when you work a service job that requires you to alert others on the road. Your equipment can be the lifeline between yourself and a horrible accident; that’s why you want to purchase the best equipment possible. Ultra Bright Lightz prides ourselves in delivering the highest quality lighting to vehicles in need. We’ve been dishing out emergency vehicle lighting since 2006, and we’ve loved every minute of it. We take our jobs very seriously, and we’re knowledgeable on every item that we sell. Our customer service team is always eager to help, so if you’re having trouble figuring out exactly what you need, feel free to reach out. We’ll be able to lend a helping hand.



​It is well known that all emergency vehicles are equipped with warning lights. Along with sirens, emergency vehicle warning lights are necessary in order for surrounding vehicles and pedestrians to be aware that an emergency has occurred and that they need to move out of the way as fast as possible in order for emergency responders to get to their desired location. Sirens are essential because they can be heard blocks away, giving people a heads up that an emergency vehicle is coming their way. However, sirens are not the only warning signs of an emergency. Every emergency vehicle should be fully equipped with warning lights. Warning lights help the other drivers on the road more easily figure out from which direction the emergency vehicle is coming from. Without warning lights, one might be driving down the road or pulled over on the side of the street, hearing the sirens go off, and thinking that the emergency vehicles are coming from their right and then being surprised when they come up from behind.

According to an article written in 2015, about thirty-three people die in ambulance related accidents every year and about three hundred fatal crashes result from police car pursuits per year. Now, there are a number of factors that can be taken into account regarding emergency vehicle related accidents. With sirens and warning lights, emergency responders are able to bypass any and all traffic laws in order for them to get to the emergency location in a timely manner. Considering the speed at which these vehicles drive, warning lights and sirens are essential components of all emergency vehicles.

Here at Ultra Bright Lightz, we understand the importance of using emergency vehicle warning lights. We know how frustrating it can be to shop around online and find the exact warning lights you need just to find out that the prices are through the roof! That is why we aim to offer emergency vehicle lights at an unbeatably low price. If you check out our website, you’ll see that we’re stocked to the rim with bright lights for your vehicle. From dash/deck lights, grill lights, bar/stick lights, visor lights, mini light bars, and more, we’ve got everything you need to ensure your emergency vehicle is fully strapped with all the bright lights you need for safe transportation.

Our mission is to “offer the brightest, most reliable lighting, backed by the industry’s best service” and our vision is to “eliminate first responders’ vehicle related deaths with bright, effective lighting.” If you shop with us, you can be sure that you are receiving quality products at low costs from a reliable company that knows what it takes to ensure the safety of first responders and passersby. So, head on over to our website and check out our products or contact us today and let us help you find the bright lights you need to get your emergency vehicles lit today!



Buying police emergency lights is no simple manner. Emergency lights play an incredibly important role in roadway safety when emergency vehicles need to drive in atypical manners, alerting other motorists to abnormal vehicle behavior. When it comes time to upgrade older vehicles or outfit new vehicles, the pressure of officer and citizen safety can lead to an overwhelming purchasing process. Thankfully, there are a couple of key factors of good lights that you can keep in mind that will help guide you to a good choice in police emergency lights.

1. Go for LED
LED lights are the standard for modern lighting. Efficient, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting there is really no reason not to choose LED lights anymore. LED lights do not contain gasses or filaments, so they are much less likely to fail on the job. Additionally, even when they do fail, LED emergency lights are created with arrays of individual bulbs, meaning that a single bulb failure is not catastrophic to the functionality of the lights. LEDs are easy to recycle, easy to replace, and are totally non-toxic. As if all those characteristics weren’t enough, they also tend to shine much brighter than their incandescent counterparts.

2. Know Your Environment
Believe it or not, the environment and climate you work in can have a big effect on the functionality of your police emergency lights. Be sure to look closely at the materials used in your emergency light options and choose one that is designed for your environment. Plastics designed for temperate environments might crack in extremely cold environments. Likewise, plastics designed for use in wintery environments might melt in the heat of a desert climate. It’s also important to consider relative humidity in your choice. While LED lights tend to be resistant to humidity, if you are working in a coastal area, for example, you might have uniquely humid conditions.

Try to choose a light that is made with high-quality plastics and a well-constructed enclosure for the bulbs. Also, in the consideration of your environmental needs, be sure to get appropriate mounts for your lights. Colder environments with lots of snow and ice may require more intricate mounts that will resist the weight of snowfall.

3. Understand Your Lighting Regulations
Depending on your local, state, or even department regulations, your police lighting setup needs may vary. Be sure to consider color, pattern, and visibility radius needs. Many higher end LED light bars are able to modify each of the aforementioned settings, which can make a big difference depending on your department regulations. For an example, if your city has regulations about night-time lighting in residential areas, you might not want an extremely bright, 360-degree visibility only light bar.

Now that you understand what you need to consider while shopping for police lights, make your life easier by shopping with an amazing online store: Our professionals can help you make the right choice; we carry every type of light that a modern police department could possibly need.



If you’re purchasing emergency lights for your emergency services department, you’re likely very familiar with standard light bars that are mounted on the exterior roof of your police vehicles. You might not be as familiar with modern dash light technology. However, despite being less common than exterior mounted light bars, interior dash lights actually offer considerable benefit to emergency services departments that implement them into their standard lighting setup. This article will explore some of the excellent benefits of emergency dash lights for your vehicles.

The biggest benefit of emergency dash lights for emergency services departments is in application to undercover and discreet vehicles. Dash lights function by sitting on the dashboard of the car at an angle with the windshield. This means that they can successfully throw light outside of the car when activated without blinding drivers and passengers. Because of how low they sit on the dashboard, dash lights are very difficult to see when not activated. Combined with tinted windows, emergency dash lights can be completely invisible until your officers are ready to pull someone over or rush to the site of an emergency.

Another great benefit of dash lights is their increased visibility to drivers of vehicles smaller than your emergency vehicles. While top-mounted light bars are very visible at a distance, when an emergency vehicle approaches a vehicle smaller than it, the top-mounted lights tend to shine above the roof of smaller vehicles, making the visibility considerably worse. Dash lights will shine approximately at eye level into the rear window of smaller vehicles, meaning that drivers will be properly made aware of the presence of an emergency vehicle that may be moving differently than other vehicles on the road.

Along the same line of thought, dash lights are also more visible to pedestrians on the front side of the vehicle. Pedestrians can be at great danger of not seeing an approaching emergency vehicle, and, in fact, accidents between pedestrians and emergency vehicles are shockingly more common than many people think. Having dash lights equipped to emergency vehicles ensures greater visibility and, therefore, greater safety for both emergency services workers and pedestrians alike.

Dash lights are more focused in direction in comparison to other emergency light types, which makes them especially ideal for work in residential areas at night. Strobing light bars can be very disturbing to sleeping citizens in residential areas who may not be in danger or even need to be aware of the presence of police or other emergency services. Dash lights, however, do not tend to direct light much higher than the height of a car and only direct it in front of the vehicle.

Dash lights can be a fantastic way to improve the safety and effectiveness of your department. When you’re ready to upgrade, make sure you buy with a company that has everything you need in one place. We offer top-of-the-line lights that work with nearly every model of emergency services vehicle you can imagine. Come see our fantastic lights today at!