istanbul city is one of the rare cities living together in a modern and historical interior. The reason for this is that Istanbul is the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. There is also a modern istanbul taksim area, where there are restaurants bars and entertainment centers open 24/7. There is a historical tranway, starting from Tüneld passing through the middle of Taksim Istiklal Caddesi and extending to Taksim Square. A new bridge was built every 10 years in Istanbul. There are 3 underground tunnels along with 3 shore bridges and two lounges are easily reached by private car or metro. We have stayed at a special hotel in Istanbul's Sultanahmet district and very close to Topkapi palace. The sights around istanbul sultanahmet are usually 2-3 storey mansions, the people here belong to their own pavilions very beautiful renovation and restoration after 10-15 room boutique cappadocia tours hotel formed. After a nice breakfast, there was the Hurrem Sultan Hammam on the horse square, and this is the latest luxury and very expensive hamam. Hürrem Sultan Hamam serves today. It is a patisserie which makes very nice kind of turkish coffee and filter coffee in the hammam outside garden. The horse square met our tour guide waiting for us with Ender bey and had the opportunity to have a great conversation about Istanbul.

we had Hagia Sophia right next to us in istanbul and after a little wait there we immediately headed towards Topkapi palace. During this journey which lasted for almost 5 minutes, we went to Topkapi by looking at the numerous historical mansion houses and artifacts built during the time of many ottoman empires. Topkapi is the first one that welcomes us. There is a military zone for protection at the bottom of Topkapi. It is strictly forbidden here to enter a simple citizen. to protect a kind Topkapi palace. It is known as the oldest historical city of istanbul and has a street called Soğukçeşme Street. formerly the Ottoman sultans and senior managers are the lodgings allocated to them. Topkapi palace is literally made with ottoman architecture, our guide says that dolmabahce palace is literally dominant in french architecture. There are three different roads before the Topkapi can be called as the King Road in the middle. On the right side, the food needs of military and senior employees are made here, consisting of 2-storey buildings. These ottoman kitchens are exhibiting historic boilers and kitchen utensils that have remained from the past. The dining tables made of precious stones in the golden sultanate and the family has. Finally, Chinese porcelains, which are very pleasant to say, are exhibited.

DAY 2:

we stayed at the MArmara hotel which is 5 star very close to istanbul taksim square. Believe it was very nice to watch Istanbul in our room. The believers walked here and they were very beautiful. By the back of the hotel, Dolmabahce and bosphorus and the magnificent view of the sea from the sea have impressed me a lot. Anyway, we had breakfast the first morning in the morning behind a nice night. We had 500 dining halls and believe that after a wide variety of breakfast we waited in our hotel lobby for our tour guide and private car.  daily cappadocia tours We have visited Istanbul's most beautiful destinations for 3 days. From here we traveled to the city of which is very close to Istanbul. Our goal here is to participate in Gallipoli tour. We were first to the city of Canakkale and met with other guides in front of the sculpture at Troy. I ate lunch at the restaurant that made Canakkale home cooking. From here we were on a paraglider with glacier ferry. Bruasi believes that during 45 minutes of the trip, we went to the peninsula of Göllipoli by watching the Cnakkale Bosphorus and the sea. Anyway, what is welcoming us on the peninsula of Gallipoli is the Turkish flag which is very big. We already bought tickets to the gallipoli forested area and this is the site area and entrance to the GAllipoli military museum. We were at the Gallipoli peninsula with a museum ticket. The battle of Gallipoli or the Canakkale was done here.

Gallipoli war Anzac is a very violent battle between British and French soldiers, Turkish ottoman and German soldiers. Even in the first world war Germany austrian hungary and the Ottoman Turkish states, on the opposite side of the union was formed against the union of Bulgaria and Italy. 1st Battle of the 4th year and the direction and destiny of the war was the battle of GAllipoli made in 1915. The goal is to help Russia, which is in a difficult situation, provide the necessary aid. But the war has been pert of Russia after the war defeat of GAllipoli and has been revived in the country because the necessary help has not gone. It was a revolution since daily turkey tours the necessary help and supplies did not go to the SARL Russia war. Although the war is very violent land wars, it is called an extremely gentle war. They were not planning to fight the land anyway. The reason for this was that the vessels belonging to Canakkale British and French navy could easily pass through Canakkle and Istanbul Bosphorus. LAkin has been a very short-lived GAllipoli sea battles. The reason is that the ships belonging to the British state and the French royal family have suffered a great loss here or there. Therefore, the New Zealand comes from Australia and India, and these are called AnZac soldiers. There have been very severe black wars between this anzac military and the Turkish military. The first day we tour Ephesus city we totally reserved Sea sand and sun. During this trip we participated in a spectacular yacht cruise on Bird Island. This trip We were on our way to Canakkale and there was only one reason for this. this place is a wonderful history. The Battle of Gaallipoli lived in 1915 between the Anzac military and the Ottoman empire. The parties to the war were the winners of the post-combat fight against the Anzac army of the German and German armies. Even after the war alone, there have been very interesting events. When the Anzac military questioned why they were fighting in Gallipoli, there was a respect for the Ottoman soldiers who fought in the battle like an incisor. Memorial ceremonies are held ​daily istanbul tours annually in Anzac military countries. The memoirs and films written by those who participated in the war are even made today. Every year for this meaningless war, anzac soldiers and children and grandchildren go to memorial ceremonies held on the peninsula of GAllipoli. This Gallipoli Anzac ceremony is attended by the top military and state upper echelons. Even the memorial ceremonies of 100 years have been made with great memorial ceremonies attended by the British royal family, New Zealand and Prime Minister of Australia and newly established turkey. For Anzac soldiers and Turkish soldiers there are very large monumental tombs.