A massage that drives men and women to higher level of consciousness with its extraordinary prowess, directing your sexual energy to relax, recharge and greatly improve your general well-being sounds like dream come true. And Tantric Massage London exactly that. It greatly uplifts your mood, fights away stress and depression and in words of Jolan Chang, author of “The Tao of Love and Sex,” it not only strengthens inner core of mind and body, but also offers a true lasting pleasure through controlled and long lasting ejaculation.

What is tantric massage?

Tantra has its origins to Sanskrit-namely “Tan” which means to manifest, appear or a physical entity. Tantric massage sets out to awaken your inner chakras, or kundalinis, which releases its healing energy when it is properly assimilated. The skilled therapists, using their sensual touches at chakra points, ensure a steady flow of positive energy coursing through your vessels once channelled. Originated in Eastern World, the West has already inculcated this gift of heavens into their curriculum, and people at London are rapidly catching up.

Tantric massage specialists at London aim to offer a holistic approach towards life, with a basal connection between yin and yang established using tantric massage. It awakens the seven chakras lying at the base of your spine, and the massage is targeted to urge them to release its sleeping potential. The centralized chakra energy techniques are personalized into Tantric arousal techniques, where sexual arousal is the root of the healing massage.


Apart from the fact that you are one step closer to nature and relieved of all miseries and pain hounding you from work, you just extended your precious life by another ten years! It makes you feel more empowered and instils within you a sheer will to conquer. “People can awaken parts they themselves are unaware of,” said Nik Douglas, producer, writer and director of the 1969 film, "Tantra: Indian Rites of Ecstasy." The various techniques to free up stored or repressed energy also turn out to be good vent for the evil energy as well, which builds up on course of time. The intensive therapy frees you from worldly troubles weighing on you and by applying pressure to certain points, your body feels lighter and better.

The body de-armouring techniques are followed by Lingam massage. Men gain better control over their sexual drive and energy using this technique. It teaches you self-control, and the importance of “winning” over the seven chakra points, which form the basis of human body. During this therapy, the man is taken several times closer to the point of orgasm, but is never allowed to orgasm. This teaches control at the basal level. Not only has it cured men (and women) of premature ejaculation, it also helps in blood circulation and help men with full body orgasm. Tantra massage practised in London has definitely proved to prevent fights between couples, and not just in one way. It brings couples closer.

With such amazing benefits in tow, what are you waiting for?

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