The perfect white skirt for fall

I don't know why but for so long I have avoided white bottoms. Jeans, skirts or pants I just didn't like them, or more like I felt like I couldn't pull them off. But this year my brain has done a 360 flip and you can find off-white jeans, pants and a skirt from my closet. This midi skirt is from ginatricot and my current go-to piece. I bought it during summer to spice up my already such neutral closet. Who spices up their closet with white right? Well I do. Anyhow I have found myself reaching for it more now when the weather is getting colder. I guess it's just a perfect piece for cozy autumn looks. I like to match it up with my Dr. Martens and some cardigans or sweaters. As long as everything is nice and neutral right? Here I went for leather jacket, which has slowly creeped it's way back to my most worn pieces after years of just hanging in my closet. But well leather is making a come back this fall for real, isn't it? So no wonder why I find myself reaching out for it more too.

Hope you guys have had a lovely start of autumn even though corona is still breathing in our necks. I am planning on getting back to blogging for real now, so see you soon!





Oh I love that look, and I totally agree with you - a white skirt is a must 😊

And hey, I really like the layout of your blog!