The one and only Unikko

I feel like everyone knows Marimekko and it's most iconic printed fabric called Unikko. At least I am one of those people who just can't get enough of Marimekko designs. I have few of their pieces in my closet but also some pieces around my apartment. I wish I had much more, but this is quite pricy brand. I have had my eyes on their jackets for a while now but I never got a chance to buy one. They were always sold out.

A while ago I was having lunch with my mother and I complained her about how much I want of their jackets and she blurt out that she actually has one in her closet. Can you believe? We lived under the same roof for twenty years and it never came up. Well now as you can see, it's mine (well not really because I am only allowed to borrow it).

Do you have any pieces from Marimekko? I have my eyes on one of their new knits but it's temporary sold out. Surprise surprise! Fingers crossed that I will get my hands on it.


  • Fashion



Mä tilasin pari viikkoa sitten Onnekas Unikko-villapaidan ja nyt ootan sitä niinku kuuta nousevaa <3 Marimekko on niin ihana!
Voi se Onnekas on kyllä tosi kaunis! Mulla on kiikarissa se Suopea Unikko-villapaita 😍