Pinch of pink #OOTD

Hello, and happy Sunday people! This is probably my favourite day of the week because you get to relax, and maybe grab a brunch with friend, stroll around the city and then relax again. And all is good. Until Monday comes, and reality hits you in the face.

As some of you probably know that I am a sucker for aesthetic breakfast and brunches. I keep searching for cute restaurants and coffee places with tasty menus and beautiful decor, and thank god Helsinki does not seem to run out of them. A week ago me and my friend got up early and went to grab yet another breakfast. The weather was amazing and the sun was shining so we ended up taking some outfit pictures too. These pictures are very rare because I almost never wear pink, or anything else that's colourful. So enjoy.

Pants - Monki Sweater - BikBok Turtleneck - River Island Bag - Monki Shoes - Zara


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ihanan keväinen asukokonaisuus! tuo neule on niin nätin värinen <3
Oi kiitos! Toi neule sopii kyllä niin hyvin nyt kevääseen 💕