Most instagrammable places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been one of my favourite places for so long. I love the architecture and the people, everyone is so kind and chatty compared to Finns. So it's no surprise that I keep finding my way back there over and over again. This summer me and my friend travelled there for a little getaway trip from work and life in general.

During our five day trip we had time to visit a lot of places, like seriously a lot. And as I already said, I have been in Amsterdam quite a few times now and even though I still have lot to discover I feel like I start to know the streets of the city. Also I am always trying to find the perfect spot where to snap that instagram picture at and if you check out my instagram (ughmango) you will know how important aesthetically pleasing feed is to me. So I thought it would be fun to do a little instagram guide for you all who are going to Amsterdam for the first time or just for people who look for good instagram spots there.

Moco - Modern Art Museum

Let's start this off with the place that really blew my mind. Not only because I love modern art and could wander through those museums for hours but because the exhibitions that were going on just really caught my eye. It was all about street art, mind-blowing that makes you wonder. The colours and quotes on the walls were just perfect for my aesthetic eye. Definitely worth checking out not only for the perfect instagram picture but also for some beautiful, important art.

Dignita Amsterdam

Instagram guide wouldn't be anything without few places with aesthetic food and good cup of coffee. So let me introduce a perfect brunch place for you. Dignita Amsterdam. The surroundings of the cafe were beautiful, there were plants and trees and big window walls. The benches and tables were aesthetically pleasing for the eye and they had such a cute terrace. They had all-day-brunch menu which included these tasty pancakes we ordered. Can we just talk about how delicious they look? In overall the cafe was just perfect spot to stop by, eat good and snap that pretty instagram pic. (ps. don't forget to check out their bathrooms, they are super pretty!)

Sticky Fingers Amsterdam

Another coffee place I would definitely recommend is Sticky Fingers. This place is for sure my favourite of these all (just so you know). Just look how cute that place is, everything was pink and there were flowers everywhere with such a beautiful decor. Also I had the best matcha latte there, no over-exaggeration.

Wake me up when I'm famous - Bench

And last but not least a spot that just describes at least my thoughts perfectly. Wake me up when I'm famous - I mean who wouldn't want that? Even this little cat joined me on the bench, she laid down for a nap probably waiting for someone to wake her up once she was, well famous. This wall is definitely worth to visit if you want to snap that perfect instagram picture!

There you have my top four Instagrammable places in Amsterdam. I know there are lot more spots and places where you can take pretty pictures but these were my personal favourites from all the places we visited. If you want to see more of my adventures check out my Instagram.


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