How to create the perfect flat lay

Wait... What even is flat lay photography? Well, flat lays are photos taken directly above a collection of objects. Flat lays are visually pleasing and gorgeous. They often work well when working with a brand and trying to photograph a product in an aesthetic and unique way. Even simple everyday objects can be turned into Instagram-worthy content. Flat lays are the perfect way to get creative. They work for any occasion (not only for branded content), I personally like to shoot and create visually pleasing breakfast flat lays. And you know what? Creating a flay lay is quite simple. Here are five tips for flat lay photos:

Lighting is the key

Find the perfect spot for natural lighting because let me tell you lighting is what defines the quality of the picture. Low light causes dark and grainy pictures which often cannot be saved with editing. Usually, good spots are close to the windows. If you need some extra light you can easily direct it from your laptop screen. Just open youtube and search for a bright white screen, then put the brightness to the highest and there you have a professional like ring light effect.

Stick to a colour palette

Try complementary colours or opposite colours or just similar colours like I do. I personally always go for neutral tones because those tones please my visual eye. I use hues of brown and beige, black, white, gold for details like jewellery and of course wood.

Choose a clean and simple background

Choose a background that makes your photos beautiful. White is the safe way to go because when it is used correctly it highlights your objects and keeps the attention in them. However, the background can also bring a nice contrast to the picture which is why I often choose marble for my pictures. If you do not have a white table the illusion is easy to create with a white poster background or with wrapping paper.

Shoot from above

As I already explained, flat lays are pictures taken directly above. If you have your objects on the table use a stool to stand on and snap that perfect shot. Ladders might work too and a tripod. I once taped my phone into a ceiling light so get creative; anything can work.

Edit your pictures

Editing colours and lighting is the key to a harmonized final result. Try to remove shadows and play with the colour palettes. Straightening the picture is also important. Adding filters and special effects can also help your picture to stand out. If you want more tips on the best editing apps click here.

Those are my five simple tips for flat lay photographs. Remember, flat lays can make anything stand out and in my case, it's always the breakfast that just looks twice better once I adjust everything nicely and snap that aesthetic shot.


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