Cozy winter look #OOTD

In winter you really need to change up your photoshoot game right? Well I think I did pretty well, considering the fact that I haven't been on ice with skates for years. Here in Finland winter means really cold temperatures and chill wind that freezes everything on its way. Even the sunlight that we get only for few hours a day is light and pale. You have to think twice what you put on before you step out of the door. For some reason when it's cold I come up with the most perfect outfits - for spring and summer, and when it's warm I dream about colder weather so I could wear all the outfits that are in my mind. Am I only one? I am pretty sure not.

The sweater is my current go-to item, it's cozy, soft and warm especially when you layer it properly. (Because in winter it's all about layers right?) I am also all about mom jeans these days, I can't even imagine myself in slim fits right now. Which is wild, because years back I swore I would never wear wide-fit type of jeans. But hey, people change.

And then, the bum bag, the newest addition to my wardrobe. Besides the fact that I absolutely love it because I can fit everything necessary there, it was perfect bag choice for this ice-skating look. It wasn't on my way when I twirled around the ice, hehe. And oh boy how much I twirled, I had totally forgotten how much fun it is to just skate around and have fun with friends like that. Definitely worth of trying, if you haven't yet!


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In Sweden winter means cold tio 😊
Tosi kiva asu, toi vyölaukku on magee 😎 ja vitsi et nyt tekis mieli lähtee pitkästä aikaa luistelee kun näin nää kuvat!