6 x what Christmas means to me

There are so many things that Christmas means to me and some of them are the usual ones like; being able to spend time with my family, eating good food, being able to give and spread happiness, and of course; being able to relax and look back to the year that has passed by. Besides all those important matters my Christmas is filled with little things that make it really feel like Christmas so here is my little list of them, just to spread the Christmas spirit since Christmas eve is only one sleep away.

The smell of a real Christmas tree

One of the most important traditions to me is bringing in the Christmas tree. Then before decorating it I just love to leave it be for a while and wait for the smell of happiness (or a pine tree) fill the house. I do love the decorating part too because you get to hang all the ornaments full of memories into the tree and of course, at least I, also decorate it as aesthetically as possible because that's just me.

Love Actually

Being able to cuddle up to the couch with my blanket, fluffy socks and some good cup of Christmas tea is already great, but when I put on a Christmas movie I couldn't feel more perfectly festive and happy. There are lots of great Christmas movies out there but Love Actually has stolen my heart. It's just beautiful movie in every way possible. And you know guys, love actually, is all around.

Putting up the fairy lights

You can make anything look magical and festive with Christmas lights, and with anything I mean anything (even your toilet). I personally think that you can never have too much of them. And oh how I love festive streets and Christmas lights around the city. I would do anything to be able to live in England in December at least once just so I could stroll around the streets and adore the festive houses next to each other.

Happy Xmas (war is over)

What is better way to spread the Christmas spirit than with Christmas songs? As much as I love Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé and even Justin Bieber. Nothing wins Happy Xmas (war is over) by John Lennon. For me Christmas isn't the same without that beautiful song. Because along all happy and cheery songs, it is important to take time and remember that not everyone is having as peaceful and calm Christmas or able to spend it with their loved ones.

Chance of a snow

I am always dreaming of a white Christmas. There is this picture of a perfect Christmas in my head and it includes snow, just because it's so magical and I don't know why but for me snow just brings peace of mind. Luckily here in Finland December is usually filled with snow.

Baking gingerbreads 

Last but not least in my list is one of the most importat traditions that I have with my sister; baking and decorating gingerbread cookies. I love everything that includes cinnamon and oh how christmassy these cookies taste. Usually it takes us half a day to get the gingerbreads done. But it is worth is because at least for me the baking and decorating together along our favourite Christmas songs is more important than actually eating them (even though they are so delicious).

I wish I could also add a kiss under the mistletoe to this list, but I have never had that experience, so sad I know haha. Mistletoes are just not a thing in Finland.

Anyway there is m little festive list of what christmas means to me. What does it mean to you? Let me know.


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Ihania kuvia!❤️✨ tosi nätti asu ja pakko sanoa, että Senaatintori on kyllä niin upea kuvauslokaatio varsinkin joulun aikaan!
Kiitos! Ja niinpä, pakko oli ittekin päästä sinne ottamaan kuvia 😍
I’m from Sweden so for me is it good you had writed in english on this post because i don’t understand finnish but it’s becoming fun to read your blog 😊
Thank you so much! I always write in english so everyone could understand what I say haha!! ☺️