​We all are living in a healthy and happy world. But still there is something that can’t be ignored. Still, some parts/areas of this world are lacking in education, sociality and healthy ways. In spite of the onset of menstruation being a crucial milestone in the changeover from babyhood to maturity, it is generally viewed as a main concern.

There are so many things that make girls education in Uganda important. Though, the most crucial concern of them all is betterment of the civilization. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss about what good one does for the culture by taking compulsory steps to teach a girl and any volunteer in Uganda that educating girls.

A current conducted report has showed that if the girl of a family is knowledgeable, the possibilities of kids falling prey to starvation decreases considerably. In case the mom is knowledgeable she will understand what type of food she must give to her kid for keeping them healthy.

For example, in Uganda, lots of girls who have reached teenage years are very much disempowered because of lack of access to REUSABLE SANITARY PADS. Some teenager girls from underprivileged families can’t pay enough money to buy sanitary pads or towels, and opt to utilizing insanitary techniques.

Girls that can’t pay money to have sanitary pads resort to unhygienic and crude methods, together with using old mattresses pieces, old cloth, or putting cotton wool/ pieces into their uterus to try to chunk the blood flow. Ah! Situation is very critical and can cause Menstruation and Reproductive health issues. In Uganda's extensive urban slums, girls bring together used pads from trash dumps, and clean them for their personal use, effecting in serious complications to their health.

Lots of girls in Uganda are at high risk of dropping out of school at the beginning of menstruation. There is some Volunteer and Intern in Africa that educating girls and helping too. As per to a report, Ugandan teenager girls miss just about 3.5 million education days for each month throughout their menstrual period. It hinders their skill to struggle in the classroom, leads to lower confidence, higher rates of drop-out and, in some areas, makes them susceptible to early wedding. With the lost education days, girls lose their confidence, and the chance of getting their possible diminishes further every month. There are some best volunteering program organizations working in Uganda and educating girls about their monthly cycle. Even they are helping girls with sanitary pads.

Limited access to affordable, safe, hygienic and convenient techniques for managing menstruation has extensive allegations for the rights and social, mental comfort of teenage girls. It not just damages reproductive and sexual health and happiness but has been exposed to limit girls' access to learning when they miss their school due to lack of appropriate methods of controlling their menstruation. Things are complicated and best volunteering program organizations doing their best to solve the problem. If you are kind and soft heart persona and earning good money then Donate to Africa, help those girls that are in great trouble.