August 3

 It's the 3rd day of tryouts.  

What Tryout you might asked me .Cheer tryouts . I would of never thought about me a girl that used to play volleyball ,basketball and still does track . But why not Tryout for something that is so amazing and it  can be hard for someone that has  no cheer experience and also for someone that has never thought about doing cheer until now .But it don't matter how hard something is or even if you don't  have any experience . What  really  matters and want  you should always do is put your mind to it . For example study it and try out until you feel comfortable doing it. Even if it is working at burger king .You got to learn how to cook the burgers , fries , work on the front and the window taking orders . Always never give up on that you want, fight to the end and always no matter what try your best. I think the reason why I'm doing this is to make a wonderful change in my life . Which if that means I would have to tryout for some new things and kick out some things in my life that not right for me . I will do that