Hello, fellow Nouw bloggers.

Do you know that there are thousands, upon thousands of infected technological devices worldwide and you are geologically sold? I bet you did not even know there was a marketplace for infected computers. When someone purchases "bots" (meaning infected machines) this means they have full access to everything.

Here are just some of the features a "bot" can have:

Webcam Viewer - Meaning they can watch you on webcam. Yes it is sick

Password stealers - Recovering and sending all of your saved passwords

Microphone Streaming - They can not only just see you but also listen in to your conversations.

Along with much, much more...

But how can it be so easy to infect somebody's computer or phone?

It´s called social engineering. Almost everyone online shares information about their interests and hobbies. Their friends, their families and their colleagues. So a targeted attack isn´t that hard after a quick search.

But I got a shiny apple logo? Does that help?

Agreed, that the majority of viruses created are designed for Windows computers but this does not mean that owning a Mac makes you less difficult to hack. In fact, the stupid idea that owning a Mac computer means your virus-free, actually puts you more at risk and a targetted attack become much easier. This is due to most Mac users do no use any form of protection and so, therefore, are often ignorant to the risks...

You have so much to learn, I hope I can help.