H&M Brush Cleanser Spray

Look. I'm going to be honest:
I suck at cleaning my makeup brushes. Luckily I'm just using them on myself for the moment. But yeah.. they're nasty sometimes. That's why I like a brush cleanser spray! I've tried a couple of different ones in the past. and well. They do their work.

If you've ever sat besides me when I do makeup you will know I do one thing that sometimes throw people off, and honestly I don't care! I usually sit in my old af broken comfy pants, and when I apply makeup and are switching between colors I swipe it off on my pants, Or a clean towel if I have that. it works great! and it's instead for that sponge wheel everyone is raving about all the time. it just works for me. but sometimes I do get a stubborn color, or just need to freshen up one of the face brushes and then one of these cleanser sprays is perfect to have!
And it's also really great to have if you're a MUA that are doing several models makeup at the same time and don't have enough brushes and need to clean them between them.

And this time it happened to be H&M's that I got. mostly because I was in there looking at he NYX display and saw this one on a shelf nearby and got reminded that I needed one of these. That's basically how I work. I buy things on impulse 99.9% of the time.

It's your usual spray bottle, nothing fancy really. but it works great so why change it, right?
it's a 100 ml (3.4 fl.Oz) a perfect travel size, overall an okay size to be honest. I've had one that was a big spray bottle, and even though the spray itself was good the bottle was awkward for me to hold with my baby hands and it was a pain to bring with me.
it is suitable for both synthetic and real hair brushes. so that's always a nice thing.

and let me tell you; this smells like something from mu childhood! I can't put my finger on WHAT it smells, but it gives me flashbacks to when I was young, And I'm not mad at that at all! I like it. I've seen many say that they love the smell, and it is really nice. not over whelming or anything.

it dries pretty quickly, and if you're anything like me who wipes them off on a towel (or your comfy pants) it will help the brushes to dry in between

Naturallt you can find this on H&, in store or on their website for 49.90 SEK.