I rarely do any nail art at all. mostly because my nails are so small, even when they have length, like now, That it's almost impossible to do anything on them.
This gradient is a good example. I've used three colors here ( Glam of Sweden no.52, Kicks Sangria and Zoya Rehka) And you can barely see the lightest color that's just on my tip. Oh and before anyone starts: I'm really bad at cleaning up my nails, And I don't have any of those fancy liquid latex thingies that you can paint around your nail to make clean up easier. So I've used used a trusty ol' Q-tip with nail-polish remover and carefully tried to get rid of as much as possible.

I was feeling rather dark and mysterious, and couldn't decide if I wanted dark red nails, which have been my go to lately, or black nails. So I decided to do a gradient. And I like it, even though i wanted more of the lighter red to show up, but hey you have to work with what you got, right? :)

HallonLakrits is Raspberry licorice that we have here in Sweden. I don't know if they do this in other places in the world. But here they take raspberry flavored candy and put it together with licorice. Most notoriously is the lollipops you got as a kid when your family ordered pizza and you followed them to pick it up, and also Bubs skulls that also is split, like the lollipops. It's kinda the only licorice I eat, because licorice is really one of those Required taste kinda deals. If you're ever in Sweden, or Scandinavia overall, you should try it. some love it, some don't. That was the fun facts of today haha!

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