DMC Day 12: Cat Eye

Yes, I know, I'm basically 4 months behind on this. but seriously, life happened and I just lost all will to do the challenge and yeah. But I was looking around and emptying my cameras, and I saw that I had done some of the days, and was meaning to post them. So I just thought that I'd do it now, even though it's not December anymore. I really want to finish this and so I will!

Day 12!

I went almost all in on this as you can see.. I was going to do whiskers and all that, but decided on just the eyes.
I used Black Friday's makeup as an inspiration and went from there. I'm just sad that I don't have my cat eye contacts anymore because that would've been fun to have in.

Fun fact; I actually have two pair of cat years that I use (not both at the same time) when I put my makeup on, mostly to get all my hair out of my face. but yeah haha!

ELF all over stick Ivory
ELF all over cover stick Spotlight
MakeupGeek eyeshadow Unexpected
Sleek Bad Girl palette (gullible)

Too Faced shadow insurance
Sleek I-divine palette Bad Girl (innocence, noir)
MakeupGeek eyeshadow Burlesque
pong pong 2 in 1 eyeliner & Shadow pencil Black
Cat eyeliner from eBay
Maybelline Big eyes Mascara
Lashes from eBay + Duo Brush on adhesive

Black eyeshadow

H&M Lip definer Raconteur
Orofluido Lip gloss LC4292