Shopping in Andorra can eclipse Milan

What to buy in Andorra

First of all, the buyer should pay attention to ski equipment. After all, as already mentioned, the country is famous for its snow resorts. Warm clothes for skiers and surfers here in a wide range. Everything from hats and gloves to fastenings and overalls.

In addition, of course, the brand clothing of leading European designers is popular. Underwear, dresses, suits, fur coats - all this can be found on the shelves. Separate attention deserves brand shoes of European, Asian and American production. Here you can find high-end products, and things on a purse of average income.

By the way, recently tourists from CIS countries often like to visit Andorra to buy school suits. Quality materials, branded colors and affordable price - all this in total will make your child the most fashionable in the class.

Separate attention is worthy of accessories. This applies to bags, clutches, suitcases of famous brands. Also, jewelry stores offer a huge variation of earrings, bracelets, brooches, watches and other women's joys. But not only the girl will enjoy such shopping trips. Men will appreciate the inlaid cufflinks, high-class watches and tie clips.

In addition, the list of "must have" includes various local souvenirs. In particular, this applies to Spanish folk presenters, miniatures of the sights of Spain and France.

Prices in Andorra

Prices for clothes in Andorra start literally from 30-40 euros per unit. And literally for 60 euros you can buy an excellent down jacket, for 70 euros - a quality fur coat from natural fur. And if you have a branded club card of a certain brand, then the discount can increase by another 10% -20%. In all, we can say, that Andorra promotes cheap fashion and clothes , and this fact forcing tourists to go shopping here.

At an attractive price you can buy alcohol and tobacco products. Especially tempting look at the price tag for whiskey and bourbon - from 5 euros per bottle. And this cost does not affect the quality - all drinks of excellent quality. Tobacco is also very cheap, because with smoking in the country the situation is not as tense as in the rest of Europe. It is allowed to smoke anywhere.



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