You will probably go to Bohol to reach the famous Alona Beach, but there is more than Alona!

How to get there?

You could fly directly to Tagbilaran City which is the biggest city in Bohol, or you could do the following and save some money:

Get to Cebu City. They have an international airport so that may be where you land. If you are flying domestic then visit for great deals.
From the airport take a white taxi to Pier 1. Should be around 200-250 pesos depending on the traffic.
Once you are there you have to take a 2 hours boat to Tagbilaran. There are three big companies to choose from (Oceanjet, SuperCat & Weesamexpress), all with different schedules, so make sure to choose one that suits you the best. If the weather is bad give them a call and make sure they are still operating.
We took Oceanjet to reach Tagbilaran. The price was 500 pesos one way, if you are there for less than a week make sure to get a return ticket for a better price. And don´t book this online since the price is way more expensive.
On our way back to Cebu we chose SuperCat (400 pesos). Both companies were very good!

Once in Tagbilaran take a Tricycle to Alona Beach. Pay no more than 200-250 pesos. This trip is around 45 minutes.

Top: Supercat
Bottom: Oceanjet

Where to stay?

Once again, this information is mostly for backpackers.

First night we stayed at Dormitels PH Alona Beach. A very cheap hostel with double room for around 500 pesos. Super cheap but not to nice, as usual, you get what you pay for. Would recommend it if you are on a really tight budget.
For the rest of the week we stayed at Backpackers Barn. A completely new hostel with double rooms for 800 pesos / 400 per person. They also have dorms. Check out their website .
This place was very clean and the staff was super friendly!! Would totally recommend it to everyone!

What to do?

Just hang out on the beach for a few days. When you are done with that rent a motorbike (400-450/day) and go to the Chocolate-hills in Bohol. Pretty cool to see the hills but I´m not sure if it´s worth the 1.5h ride to get there.. You could do them just before you go back to Cebu instead.

Go on a snorkel trip, go scuba diving, island hopping or see the fireflies. Thing to do if you want to! 

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El Nido is a small village on the island Palawan. it is the gateway to the beautiful Bacuit Archipelago and definitely a must if you are visiting the Philippines.

Make sure to get some cash while you are in Puerto Princesa. It is more expensive in El Nido and the ATM is empty every second day or so... Maximum is 40000 or 20000 php depends on bank.

How to get there?

From Manila you take a one hour flight to Puerto Princesa and then it is a 6 hours drive to get there.

We found the cheapest deals on Book this in advance to save some money.
When you arrive at Puerto Princesa airport you have a few choices on how to get to El Nido.

There will be a lot of vans outside asking to take you to El Nido. They are more expensive (500php) and it will probably take more time because they want to get their van full before they leave.
Cheapest way is to take a tricycle to the San Jose Bus Terminal. (70 php). And from there take the RoRo bus to El Nido. They have Aircon (380php) and Non-Aircon (290php) buses. Just get on and pay on the bus.
You will make two stops on the way for food and toilet.

Depending on what time of the day you leave the bus may pick up school kids on the way which will add some time.

Where to stay and what to pay?

You can stay either in the "City" (like we did) where you have aces to all restaurants, bars and the boat trips. Or you can stay at Caalan Beach or Corong Corong Beach. Both are 10-15 minutes walk away.

We are backpackers so nothing fancy for us haha. First night we booked at and payed around 1500php. The second day we walked around and found plenty of places for 700php/night for a fan room. We chose a place called Alexus Backpackers where you get a double/triple room for 700php. It was supposed to be WiFi but it just worked on the night/early morning when everyone where asleep.. To get decent internet in El Nido you have to buy a Sim card and get a internet plan. 1000php for 30 days of unlimited internet with Globe or Smart. Buy this at the airport and they will help you get started.

What to do?

You really have to take one of the Island hopping tours. There are four different types A, B, C & D. The most popular one is tour A. We took that one and i can really recommend it! Three types of lagoons and two beaches with ok snorkeling, not the best but still ok! All of the places charge 1200php for this. Just make sure that includes the environmental fee of 200php, some places charge you extra for that. Make also sure you get food, mask and snorkel and towel if you need. If you stay at Alexus Backpackers they give you a discount of 400php, a great deal!

Rent a motorbike (500php/12 hours) and go to Las Cabanas Beach also called Marimegmeg Beach. Great place for a full day at the beach and sunset! Two restaurants at the beach, of course pretty expensive, but still alright prices.

Would recommend you to go to Nacpan beach. 45 minutes away with the motorbike. 1 hour with tricycle and three times the price (1200-1500php)


Local food (Not on the beach): 60-100php.

Beer: 50php

Fruit shake: 70php

Crepe: 100php

El Nido Bakery!: Very cheap (2-20php)!!