What is life without travelling? Without exploring new places, meeting new people and experience new and exciting cultures? We both love to travel and luckily been able to do so quite a lot lately, both for work and pleasure. But still, there are so many new places to discover, so many people to meet. And now it is time to take off for one of the most exciting trips in our lives!

In the beginning of 2016, one of our crazy ideas became a plan. What about taking a break from work and go for a 3 months trip to Latin America? Lets do it! The journey will start on November 6, and continue for approximately 10 weeks or 81 nights (to be more precise). First and last stop will be Florida, and in between we will be heading to Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba.

We will share our adventures with you here and on Insta @fredjonss @lindavoltaire

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