2017 was such an amazing year for me! It was the year I went to 15 different countries and it was the year that Travel With A Silver Lining, my new travel blog, was born!

It's been such a rollercoaster but I wouldn't trade this in for anything.

Some of my highlights have been:

Tulum: Which can only be described as a white sandy beach, in the paradise with a true Mayan vibe!

Mykonos: Turns out it is as gorgeous in reality as in Instagram.

Palma Del Mallorca: the perfect destination for a mix of city and beach life

Kiev: the cathedrals of this part of the world are impressive but I found my favorite ones here in Kiev!

Vinales: The trip was a true travel back in time but also an amazing experience where we got a glimpse of the local Cuban life!

I would be so HAPPY if you continue to follow my adventures on my new blog Travel With A Silver Lining. If you like it, I would be even happier if you SUBSCRIBED. 2018 will be full of interesting travels that I will share with you!

Thanks a million for this time and also a big thank you to Now for all support!!!

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