X-mas party for Swiss Basset Hounds

I know you have all been waiting for our report from the Swiss Basset Hound Club X-mas party 2019. As usual I had to stay home this Saturday to take care of three of our four Basset Hounds. Only Carl Douglas was allowed to follow Mom, Dad and the club shop to Sand outside Berne for a dog walk followed by Apéro and cheese fondue. I will let Carl Douglas tell you what happened in Sand.

I was carried into my cage in the back of our BMW X5 shortly after 9 a.m. for our trip to Sand, 130 kilometers east of Pully. Mom and Dad stopped for a quick visit to the Mercedes garage outside Fribourg to take a look at a Marco Polo van that Dad had suggested should fit our family of seven. That sounds fun because just now we can never travel all together. I vomited my whole breakfast during the trip to Sand so there was some cleaning up once we had arrived and Mom had unloaded the shop. There were quite a few other Basset Hounds already when we arrived and a further couple of dogs arrived later. In all I think we were 11 or 12. Mom did not want me to run with the others being afraid I would run off and disappear. So I had to put up with the others sniffing my bottom...

I was not the only victim of this degrading treatment. Another beautiful dog that we met suffered the same intimidation.

The owners were not very keen on walking so they cut the walk short in order to have enough time for food and drinks. It did not really help that it was wet and cold outside like you could expect during the last week-end of November. Here is the whole group. They indeed look quite disorganised and only a few really looked into the camera. Several of my dog friends preferred to play and not pose for the photographer.

Mom and Martine talked and talked and talked...

When it was time for food and drinks my Basset Hound friends ran as fast as they could to get first back to the restaurant.

We were all happy and tired and ready for a long nap while our human friends spent hours eating and drinking and talking about how nice it is to own a Basset Hound. That is really reassuring to know. It was almost 6 p.m. when we were back in Pully and I could join Hubertus, Milla and Mathilda for a run around our house before dinner. Stay tuned for our next adventure.



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