Tulips after the rain

Yesterday was one of those late spring Sundays when showers succeed each other and people prefer to stay home rather than go for a long hike. Since I'm now taking driving lessons with Dad, he proposed I should take our little electric car to Morges, a pleasant town about 15 km west of Lausanne, where the city has a magnificent exhibition of tulipis on display each spring. The show is organized in one of the city parks close to the castle on the waterfront. In the park you find numerous trees that are many hundred years old and have survived the many thunderstorms that hit this area of the world. We came between two showers at the end of the afternoon not long before sunset. We think you will appreciate the beauty of many of these tulip variants. We shot with two cameras, one being our Fuji GFX 50S with a 15 mm, f4 manual Laowa wide angle macro lens and a built-in shift mechanism, the other our much travelled Olympus em-1X with an f4 12-100 mm lens.Enjoy!

When we returned home it was dark and we sat down to plan for our next outing, photographing spring in Switzerland. Stay tuned!