Trees on the water

I started my Sunday hike along the Areuse river. The trees close to water are almost completely covered in green moss and have troll-like shapes giving rise to lots of fantasies. The weather was sunny and cool like often in the beginning of March. The water level in the river had dropped further since a week and there were only a few hikers out.

It was time to move on so after a quick lunch in my camper van I drove south to the southeastern shores of the Neuchâtel lake where you can find the largest wet-land nature reserve in Switzerland with some 500 varieties of plants and over 10000 animal and insect species. They were still all asleep. I had hoped to be able to shoot some of the wintering water birds that assemble in large quantities in the shallow waters on this side of the lake. However, they were almost all gone, looking for other feeding grounds. A beaver had recently chewed on a big pine-tree close to the water. The nude trees produced great contrasts with the light blue water of the lake.

Just west of the city of Estavayer-le-Lac there is a beautiful view over the wetland, still in its winter colours. I finished my day just below my view point on one of the small sandy shores with a lone swan. This Sunday there was nobody who disturbed the peace. Stay tuned for more from spring in Switzerland