There is a new kid in our house

Last Friday I drove to Geneva with Dad on my right side in our little i3. Our mission was to pick up a huge camera case that we had deposited at Mr Fahrni's place last September. Mr Fahrni repairs film cameras and has a weak heart for old Hasselblads. The camera and accessories we were to pick up belonged to my grand mother who had bought them in 1959. Dad recovered the lot after her death in 1994. They have been sleeping in a cupboard in our house ever since. In the camera case we found the camera manuals, a receipt for a film that Dad had bought for his mother on the 6th of July 1963 and that was still in one of the film backs, unfortunately destroyed by time. And even the keys to the case were still therein. Everything was in pristine condition but some mechanical lens repairs and new foam in the camera body were required, all at a fraction of the cost of even a single lens today. Mr Fahrni gave us a detailed introduction to the use of the camera and how to avoid cocking it. I even had to install a film in the film back several times, something we have forgotten to learn in the digital age and definitely more complex than loading film into my Olympus 35 mm OM-1 from the same era. Enjoy some photos below that we took on the kitchen table once back home.

By the way, the green glasses on the left side were designed by my grand mother and blewn at the Orrefors glass works for her. We still have all the 12 originals in our cupboard and they are particularly nice to drink San Pellegrino out of.

With the 500C came three lenses, the standard Zeiss planar 80 mm f2.8 mounted on the camera body, the 60 mm f4 Zeiss Distagon wide angle lens and the 250 mm Zeiss Sonnar f5.6 telephoto lens. And of course the much sought after Hasselblad lens hood.

I'm eagerly waiting to load a Portra 160 roll and get out to shoot 6x6 but it has been raining continuously since 48 hours so that will be for another day when it has dried up. This generation of Hasselblads will easily be destroyed in a humid environment. Stay tuned for more from our crazy photo family!!