The narcissi are out again

This is something you should never miss if you happen to be in the Montreux region during the second half of May. If you do not have a car to drive up the winding mountains roads above this city you can take the train to Les Pleiades and walk to meadows covered with millions of these wild spring flowers in a few minutes. This Friday afternoon Dad was my co-driver for my alpine road training and persuaded me it would be a good idea to see if the narcissi were finally in flower after a terribly rainy and cold month. And yes, they were everywhere and in masses that we have never seen before. Dad had brought our Fuji medium format camera with the manual Laowa 15 mm f4 macro lens and it did not take long before I saw him creeping around in the meadows, obsessed to catch the beauty of the moment with his camera. It was windy at times creating some action. Enjoy!! And stay tuned for more!!