The magic of shapes

That was the name of the present exhibition at the Aalborg museum of art, Kunsten, that we visited yesterday on our way south from Hirtshals where Norröna moored at 9 a.m. after 32 hours at sea. An additional bonus was that the museum was designed by one of my favourite architects, triple A, aka Alvar Aalto that you might remember we published several posts about during our trip to northern Finland two years ago. You could recognise many of the details from the library in Rovaniemi, like the use of natural light entering through openings in the ceilings. And of course AAA's furniture and lamps, so well known from many of his public institutions, were found here along with classic Danish furniture.

The exhibition was most interesting, presenting the evolution of Danish design in parallel to pieces of art from the corresponding periods, dating from the 19th century till today. We found several pieces of furniture that we have in our home, now having become classics.

We had lunch in the museum cafeteria since the sky opened widely and drenched the city, thus preventing us to reach our car a few hundred meters down the road. Once the rain had stopped we drove on to our destination for the night, 115 kilometres south of Aalborg. Stay tuned for our last Danish stopover!!