The beauty of running water

In the village of Jaun in the canton of Fribourg just down the mountain from the Jaunpass there is a small waterfall, neighbor to the village church and facing the waterfall hotel, This cascade features an impressive mass of water but is not high and most importantly faces north, so sunlight is only hitting the water in the early morning hours. Dad returned to the Jaunpass at sunrise yesterday morning to shoot the crocuses you saw in our last post. On the way back home he stopped at the waterfall and experimented with light and exposure time. Tell us which of the photos you prefer! Above he shot with an ND filter at 1/50th of a second and below at 1.5 seconds. All photos are JPEG-s directly out of camera, taken with our little Fujifilm X100V on a tripod.

And before hitting the freeway back to Lausanne, what could be a more touristy shot than the castle in the village of Gruyère lit up by the morning sun and framed by snowy alpine peaks? Stay tuned for more from Switzerland!!