Sunday afternoon exercise

It was Sunday afternoon at two and I was standing looking down at two of the Window lakes from the Window pass at 2700 m altitude that I had reached from the Italian side of the St Bernard pass. I had started my hike at around 2250 m about an hour and a half earlier. It was hot even up here and I was glad I had not stayed back home this afternoon. When starting my hike I could follow two brave climbers training on a steep cliff wall just above my hiking path. Below me I could see the winding road leading up to the St Bernard pass from the Italian side and the house of the farmer that sells local products like wine and cheese to the hungry hiker.

The higher I got the stonier the path became. Looking back into Italy I could not believe how beautiful a Sunday afternoon might be!

The Window lakes, three in all, are located in two adjacent valleys about 30 min apart and when at the lowermost one you are facing the snow capped Mont Blanc over on the French side to your west. I did not manage to get that far because of the time limitation, wanting to make it back home some 100 kilometres to the north before dark. I was not the only one having a good time up here. A butterfly couple was trying to make babies in the middle of a flower growing close to the trail through the pass.Tell us which is the male!

The drive back down from the St Bernard pass towards the north is beautiful and most of the motorcyclists that drive like crazy on this road were gone. Enjoy the view and stay tuned for more from summer Switzerland.