Summer came on a Friday

We could not believe our eyes when observing the outside temperature monitored in our car suddenly display +16.5 degrees C. The sun had come out after we had left Torshavn, enveloped in thick fog for the third day in a row. We were now close to the northernmost tip of the Island of Streymoy after having visited the small hamlet of Saksun on the west coast of the same island. Too many tourists, signposts that told you to keep off the grass and barriers, all in stark contrast to our last visit here in the early spring of 2017 on our way to Island when Norröna made a 12 hour pit stop in Torshavn. When going back from the village along the little river, we stopped from time to time to "shoot" local birds and then turned north again towards the village of Tjørnuvik.

This is the place where you can observe Kellingin and Risin, rock formations well known in the Faroese mythology, just outside the northern tip of Eysturoy. Tjørnuvik would be a haven of peace were it not filled up with middle aged Danish hikers eating waffles and drinking coffee on the "main square". The bay in front of the village is lined by a beautiful beach of black sand and this day the sea was calm and inviting. We undressed, put on our bathing suits and mounted our camera on a tripod with the 10 sec self-timer set. So there was no choice but to run directly into the water after having pulled the trigger. And then to pose for the photographer draped in sea weed. We did in fact inspire others to do the same. Was it cold ? Well, yes, sort of but not for long and the sun helped us drying rapidly along with our recently purchased bathing towels from Esbjerg.

The trip back went over the mountains on the northern headland of Eysturoy with magnificent views over the hairpin curves and the village of Funningur where the local farmers had stacked the freshly cut grass in fishing nets to dry. Tomorrow is Saturday and we will probably use this as a lay day before our last day on the Faroe Islands. Stay tuned!!