Studying Denmark from above - and below

We landed at the little exciting Scandic hotel in Aarhus in the middle of Tuesday afternoon and I immediately went on Zoom for my Danish course with Amalia while Dad explored the city center by foot. Aarhus is a cool city with a vibrant student life. Like you can read in the window below, everything was under control.

In the big department store close to our hotel you can take the elevator to the top floor and from the narrow gangway sticking out over the pedestrian street at 137 m altitude admire the entire city and the "Little Sound" connecting the Sea of Kattegat to the Baltic Sea. There is a cosy bar with terraces attracting lots of visitors, where I went with Dad after my course.

Dad had found a hole in the wall close to the harbour where we went for dinner believing we would have the catch of the day from the sea. Interestingly, it was a Middle East restaurant where the food was cooked by the Lebanese owner and his lady family members. We had a really tasty vegetarian Lebanese meal and finished off with Arab coffee and tea on fresh mint like things should end when the food is really good.

Our plan for Wednesday was to make a detour to Berlin to the southeast of us, thereby avoiding the hell we had lived through when driving north. But not without visiting the highest point in Denmark culminating at 171 meters some 30 kilometres south of Aarhus. It was difficult to know where this "mountain" was located but we found our way and ended up on the top of the little tower erected in the 1920ies to celebrate that we were now closer to space than anyone else on Danish soil. We were surrounded by gentle rolling hills and the wild clouds really made the landscape around us stand out. In our next post we will probably report from our base. camp hotel in Berlin. Stay tuned!!