Street photography on wheels

If you want to see cool vehicles and male characters in action here in Switzerland you just have to take one of our winding roads leading to a pass at high altitude on a Sunday afternoon. There is a continuous stream of classic cars, bikers and cyclists on carbon fibre bikes going up and down the mountains all over the country. If you want to shoot them with your camera you need a fast autofocus with a short telephoto lens and sit down close to a hairpin curve. Dad took his Olympus e-m1X camera that features an autofocus function based on artificial intelligence and identifies fast moving subjects like trains, airplanes, motor vehicles or birds to the mountains last Sunday. There was no real problem to get good shots of cyclists fearlessly coming down the mountain at 100 km/hour. The classic cars preferred travelling in style rather than going fast. And bikers mostly travelled on Harley Davidsons that prefer to be driven in a straight line rather than going fast through hairpin curves.

Teddy bears and dogs travelled with the real tough guys up and down the mountain.

We'll end our Sunday afternoon photo shoot with an old Porsche Targa. coming down from the St Bernard pass, driven by a red haired little lady at least twice the car's age. Stay tuned for more!!