Spinnaker peeling

Each first Saturday of June is the sailboat race from Geneva to Rolle, a pleasant little town on the northern coast of Lake Geneva, about 30 km west of Lausanne. This is the final rehearsal for the main sailing competition on our lake, Le Bol d'Or that takes place next Saturday. I stayed home in bed with side effects of my second covid vaccine shot in stead of going to Fribourg for a course on mosses and lichens. So Dad took his Olympus em-1X with his longest lens and a teleconverter and spent a couple of hours on the pier in the Rolle harbor, facing the leeward mark where the boats turned around and started their leg back to Geneva. This year they had a downwind leg to Rolle so spinnakers were hoisted already at the start and kept all the way to Rolle. Enjoy the professional manner the spinnakers were peeled in the last seconds before rounding the mark. And stay tuned for our next post where we will show you those who arrived first at the mark, the multihulls. That's for tomorrow!!