Now you may understand why it hurts when a horse-fly "bites" you

Yesterday when I had my Danish lesson with Amalia and Dad was photographing small and large flying objects while we were at the Grand Hotel de Rasse, a horse fly landed on his lunch table. We had just finished our ice cream desert. Dad had already put the 300 mm f4 lens on his Olympus em-1X camera body. This lens has the same angle of view as a 600 mm lens on a full frame camera. The difference from such lenses is that the Olympus lens can focus down to a distance of 1.4 m from your object. So it replaces a macro lens with the advantage that you do not have to be a couple of centimeters from your object, obviously a bonus if you want to shoot a horse fly, or an ordinary house fly for that matter. To our surprise we could now understand how these insects are able to cut pieces out of your skin while observing everything around them. Stay tuned for more insects to come in one of our next posts.




Nice closeups on the fly 😊👍